The Choice: Stay Or Go

Theodore Gilmore Bilbo. "Who the fuck is that?", you're asking. Someone whom we should, but we cannot afford to, forget. Bilbo was a US Senator from Mississippi. He was a white supremacist, who authored a book entitled "Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization", which promoted sending 12 million black Americans to Africa. Bilbo's ideas were praised by Marcus Garvey, the black separatist leader. As crazy as Bilbo sounds, his notion of moving black people out of the USA is as white American as apple pie, or Thomas Jefferson.
Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know
The Clash

This is a question a lot of people are asking.

But Americans have always been asking that question.

The poor indians, who had already found a good home, were curious, but in no way sufficiently alarmed, when the first batches of palefaces (people who went instead of staying home) started showing up in their little wooden boats. In fairness to the indian alert systems, the very first batches of palefaces, Vikings, did in fact set off real alarms amongst the natives and they wiped out Viking settlements in what eventually became North America.

But the palefaces kept going and coming west.

The standard Eurocentric depiction of the European Second-Wave invasion of the "New World". Columbus, sword drawn, Spanish flag firmly planted, illustrates the victory of state-sponsored piracy. The Church, treating savage indians like vampires, wields their Cross to ward off evil and sanctify profits.
The second wave, started by Christopher Columbus, was much more aggressive, and backed by a lot more money and technology than the Vikings had. And the Europeans had just one notion about the New World. They were going to beat it, bleed it, and enslave it for profit—and that’s just in the parts where they wouldn’t tear it to pieces looking for gold and silver. Not exactly a humanitarian crusade—no matter that the Catholic Church collaborated in the genocide.

But, not all the newcomers were driven by pathological greed and megalomania. Some just wanted to practice small-scale domination of themselves and whatever unfortunates might fall under their influence. Most infamous and horribly influential of these were the puristic Puritans, whose name gives an idea of how insane they were, as, prior to being replaced by the word “Taliban”, “puritanical” meant something the same—i.e., being just a little too pushy about your moral code.

A lot of times, it is difficult to say, or is if we’re trying to be polite, whether the palefaces were seeking a better life (of making it worse for everybody else), or were pushed out of places where they simply were not wanted by a saner majority of white people.

Again, think about the gross injustice of indians having to accept “your crazy, your murderous, your Gordon Geckos yearning to be free to wipe us the fuck out while building a world empire.”

At some point, too late and too poorly organized, the nations of the people-already-here started fighting back against the European invaders. But, because the invasion advanced slowly, carefully, over a long time, white people were able to destroy the indian nations one tribe and people at a time.

"Valor" says the Indian Wars version of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Often awarded to US military for slaughtering indian women and children, 20 of these medals were handed out to American soldiers after the Wounded Knee Massacre on December 29, 1890.
An idea of the white American ethic in dealing with the indian problem can be gained by looking at the details of the last great battle of the American Indian Wars, Wounded Knee. Usually the word “Massacre” is appended to this title, for reasons that should be obvious:

A. The battle was fought between a small band of Lakota Sioux, and troopers from (dead) General George Custer’s old regiment, the 7th Cavalry. The cavalry not only greatly outnumbered the Sioux warriors, but had brought four artillery pieces with them.
B. The cavalry had come to disarm the Sioux. Some of the indians did not feel like being disarmed, and fighting broke out. The cavalry seem to have come prepared to start, and certainly to perpetrate, a massacre. Anyway, that is what they perpetrated.
C. The Lakota warriors, the few who could fight and who did still have weapons were quickly cut down by the cavalry.
D. And THEN, the courageous soldiers of the 7th Cavalry trained their rifles and artillery on the Lakota camp, and shot to pieces 230 women and children. Actually, some of that number managed to escape into a nearby ravine and the brave cavalry mounted their horses and hunted the surviving Lakota down like dogs, murdering them as they found them. Again, women and children.

And for this war crime—just a typical day on the job for the United States military in the Indian Wars—the US government awarded 20 Medals of Honor.

Try to remember that the next time you see some soldier with a Medal of Honor. It’s about killing other human beings. Not anything honorable.

The indian survivors of the genocide eventually were turned into US citizens, and now are viewed as ethnic novelties, people who are too few to get even, and too integral to the American story to forget about entirely. Indians are like buffalo with casinos.

White liberals didn't care one bit that Elizabeth Warren exploited her mythical nanodrop of Cherokee blood to further her professional career. That's because, in white peoples' estimation of indians, post-genocide, all that's left for white people to do is preserve the memory of indians by appropriating indian identity for fun and profit.
White people like the idea of being “a little bit indian”. In addition to the pride of being a noble minority (part of a warrior society whose unknown cultures are held in high, comic-book, esteem), white people feel some indian blood makes them more authentically American, even though “America” is the conqueror’s name, not an indian one.

But that’s indians, who are not from India, nor from America, nor do they have any desire it seems to leave their ancestral homes and go someplace else.

Now, let’s talk about black people and their American experience.

And sure, let’s talk about black people in the light or the blinding passions of the Zimmerman-Martin case.

Part of what we have been told by one witless white person after another is that white people just need to try and understand what it is like to be a black person in the USA.

But that isn’t going to change a thing.

It is much more important to understand what it is REALLY like to be a white person in the USA. Because to understand that, we have to understand the context of how white people process themselves and the others—especially black people.

A lot of white people, who feel they mean well to think this too, imagine black people waking up every day going—Why the fuck am I staying in this fucking country, when white people ALL fucking hate me?

And white people figure the answer must be something like what Democrats know is the answer for black people who might consider voting for a different political party—where the fuck else are you going to go?

The low point of Mike Myers' career, playing White America, next to Kanye West, playing—well, NOT playing—fucking BEING black rage at White America's cool indifference. As Kanye plainly, truly said: "George Bush doesn't care about black people." But what Myers' reaction so clearly communicated was—and neither does Mr. White America either, Kanye, if you're going to go off-script and rudely say the fucking truth. Years later, Myers confirmed this when he claimed he was cool with Kayne saying what he did, but he just would have liked to know it was coming. It was Kanye West, Mike. Fucking pay attention. But rich white people don't have to do that. Which was what Kanye was saying.

And white people figure this situation, this frustration, must be pretty constantly irritating to black people, and must create a lot of anger in black people’s hearts and minds. Just listen to hip-hop. Those are some angry sentiments being expressed by all those rich black ranters.

And if even rich black people are angry, then poor black people must be like—what?—crazy angry! And that’s just a really uncomfortable thing for white people to have to put up with. So, they generally choose not to.

It’s not like white people should have to do anything about black people, right?—I mean other then buy an extra Glock or three and move to a state that let’s you shoot first and get acquitted later.

This debate amongst white people, about what to DO about black people, has been going on for a long, long time in the USA. It is a way of simultaneously pretending to give a damn about black people and their plight (even their plight of being rich but not whitely so), while continuing to distance the white, slaveowner, class from the residue of Lincoln’s folly.

Lincoln’s folly?

Oh come on. You watched Lincoln. Like three people in it thought treating black people as equals was a good or sane idea, and two of them were black. Lincoln himself, as you may know, thought the right way to deal with the freed slave problem, was to ship black people back to Africa.

After all, as Thomas Jefferson had argued, and many white people would say he got this dead right, wouldn't freed slaves all hate white people, and wouldn't white people naturally despise those they had treated and still considered as inferior? Doesn’t it just make sense, MANY white American leaders asked, to ship the emancipated back to someplace they did not actually come from?

And mostly the answer to that, the answer Lincoln gave at one point too, was YES!

So much was THAT the answer to the black people problem, which is really the white people problem, that some black leaders came to accept the idea that white people were never going to tolerate black people in “their” country, certainly not as equals, and that the best thing to do really was to do as Lincoln and Jefferson had said: pick up their things and go back to Africa.

But, for most black people in the USA, then and now, there were several serious rubs with getting out of America.

For one thing, picking up “their things” was a problem.

See, the wealth of black people and their families is largely NOT in their possession. Their wealth belongs to (or is the possession of) white people, who stole it from many generations of black slaves. Of course, white people will respond that they personally did not steal anything—they earned every penny they have through their personal hard work.

Sure you did.

But your ancestors DID steal the labor of countless black human beings. And further, even if your ancestors did not own slaves, the economy of the entire United States, and not merely the South, profited directly or indirectly from slave labor. Northern textile mills, just as English ones before them, craved cheap cotton, and the cheapest cotton could be produced by using slave labor worked for extremely long hours and minimally fed and housed. Further, for many years in US history, slavery was legal in the North as well.

After slavery, which had destroyed black families, and thus ruined the possibility of building the power of legacies of inheritance that white people had been gaining for three centuries in the Colonies, white people then forced the further surrender of black wealth by creating discriminatory laws that privileged the advancement of white people, many times over smarter, better-educated black people (white people called this “common sense” instead of “affirmative action”).

So, this is the root of the idea of reparations for the loss of this wealth. Much of the current crew of white people feels that paying reparations for “ancient history” is inherently unfair and just another example of black people feeling they are special and entitled to more than is their share.

Black people, on the other hand, who know what the unjust facts are, who know the historical context paints a much different picture of the USA than the one white people ignorantly celebrate, are confronted with a complicated set of choices.

Mainly—what are black people to do—now?

Black people could ask for just treatment—finally. But asking white people for scraps is how black people have ALWAYS had to exist in the USA. And it must be getting extremely tiresome at this point. Also, as is evident, white people just don’t give a damn.

Black people could demand just treatment—chanting “no justice, no peace.”

But that just serves to make black people seem like another brand of potential terrorist, and not really Americans. Believing that black people are not really Americans is extremely easy for white people to accept, because even when black people are elected president of the United States, large numbers of white people cannot accept the notion that any legitimate electoral process could have produced that outcome.

Black people don’t want to believe the worst about white people. It’s just that the historical context, the facts, suggest they would have to be uniformly stupid as a class of human beings to not think the worst of their persecutors.

Am I saying all white people are ghastly racist monsters. Pretty much.

The great thing about this guy is that SO many people no longer know who he is just by looking at him. He probably looks like some kind of nerdy boy scout troop leader to a lot of people. And the other thing about him is that, contrary to what many white people wish were true, this guy is a VERY typical white person. It's just that he found a nation, and an organization, which enabled him to excel at being deadly white.
For, even though occasionally the white blight will surface to spout off with a bunch of vain hot air about civil rights and social justice—and so maybe they will pass a civil rights act or two every century or so—they quickly descend back into their natural abyss of privilege and bigotry. And the fact they have to pass a civil rights act is not actually a sign of their progress as human beings.

Jim Crow is not just a set of laws white people use to oppress black people. It is a basic set of assumptions white people have concerning “other” and “lesser” human beings.

Now, you say, YOU are a virtuous untainted white person and you feel and think NONE of the terrible things I am alleging you do.

But here’s what you do: you look around and see injustice happening.

And you say and you do nothing to effectively change it.

Oh, did you post a “like” today on some no-cost Facebook liberal gripe page? Or did you vote for Barack Obama? And by that you feel that should let you off of some hook?

But every day, if you’re white, you’re continuing to benefit from the enormous institutional and traditional advantages your skin condition bequeaths to you, on account of the unrestrained barbarism of your not so distant relatives, and your current colleagues in racism.

And, if you are black, and if you allow, through your resentment at racism, white Americans to shape how you feel about your Americanness and even your humanity, then you are collaborating with the racists in confirming hateful divisions that can never be healed.

NEVER be healed?

Maybe never, yeah.

You want to know something?

White people have been at this racial and ethnic bigotry and inequality stuff for a LONG time.

And they are really good at it.

If you don’t think so, just look at the nation which, more than any other including Nazi Germany, has made vile racism such a thriving, profitable, global concern: ENGLAND.

Check this out.

Uh-huh, 1000 years later! and Normans are still economically lording it over all the rest of the people. That is because they stole a people’s heritage, and their wealth, maximized that theft through inheritance, and even though the racial hatreds between Normans and the conquered peoples may have waned (mostly), the impact of the unjust treatment continues.

White people don’t even treat white people with fairness and decency.

Why should black people get special treatment in that regard?

And that question is increasingly, as we see at the Supreme Court for example, being answered in the negative: black people rate no special or compensatory or just consideration any longer.

Sink or swim is the message the porcelain 1% has for all the rest of America. Especially for black America.

No, it isn’t fair. But that has never really mattered in the USA.