Microsoft Betrayed Customer Security To Feed NSA Secrets

Microsoft promises to help guard their customers' privacy on the internet, but it appears Microsoft is instead working for the NSA to capture and own its customers' privacy.
The newest Snowden-file news, revealed at The Guardian website this afternoon, shows that Microsoft violated the trust and privacy of its own customers, enabling the NSA to break encryption codes for, Skype, and SkyDrive (Microsoft's cloud storage system).

The Guardian reported that Microsoft had responded to questions about the revelations, by claiming it had no choice, as it was legally coerced by the United States government into compliance. Microsoft alleged it complied only "with orders for requests about specific accounts or identifiers."

However, by assisting the government in circumventing any security measure the government orders it to, Microsoft has given access to all its customers' communications to the government. And, as the Guardian article points out, the NSA has argued successfully at the secret FISA court that it does not have time to request and sift data on individual accounts. It is more efficient to process massive amounts of data, which Microsoft's sellout of its customers has enabled the NSA to do much more easily.

Now the question is whether or not other companies, such as Apple, will also be revealed to have betrayed their customers to the NSA.

As noted earlier, the merging of American tek companies with the intelligence arm of the US government, for the purpose of inflicting an authoritarian spy regime on the American people (and all the peoples of the world) establishes the USA as a fascist state in fact.

Microsoft is now revealed to be a key corporate player, and possibly the key player, in that regime.