Le Monde Says France Runs NSA-like Spying On Own Citizens

The new French flag, accurately portraying who runs France—and for that matter Europe and apparently even Putin. OK, it should really say USA, but you know, what's the fucking difference? So, July 4. Soon July 14th in France. Whatever. Everybody is owned by American spies. 
Le Monde reports today that the USA is not the only country collecting massive databases of personal information on its citizens. France also has NSA-like programs designed to collect and store “all emails, SMS [text messages], telephone records [metadata], access to Facebook, Twitter” which Le Monde reports are then “stored for years”.

Calling the programs, run by the French intelligence service, the Directorate-General for External Security, illegal, Le Monde issued the ultimate insult to the French spy programs, calling them the “little [Big] Brother” of the American spy services, implying that the USA in some fashion directs or proprietarily influences the spying programs run by France.

Given as well the peculiar episode, where numerous European countries, including France, acted in concert to block the flight path of the airplane carrying Bolivian president, Evo Morales, because, it is believed, the USA ordered those nations to assist in capturing Edward Snowden, wrongly thought to have been on the plane, the question Europeans should now be asking (once again) is who is actually in charge of Europe?

Europeans, or the United States of America?

Increasing, the answer appears to be the latter.

Read below a translation of the introductory portion of the Le Monde article (Revelations on French Big Brother):
If the revelations concerning the American espionage program, PRISM, have provoked a concert of indignation in Europe. France [however] protested only feebly—for two excellent reasons: Paris already knew about it. And [she] does the same thing. 
Le Monde is able to reveal that the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE, Special Services)*, systematically collects electromagnetic signals transmitted by the computers or phones in France, as well as traffic between French and foreign countries: ALL of our communications are spied upon. All emails, SMS [text messages], telephone records, access to Facebook, Twitter, are then stored for years.
*—France’s foreign intelligence service
If this massive database was used by DGSE, which operates only outside French borders, the case is already illegal. But the six other intelligence services, including the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI), Customs or TRACFIN, the service to combat money-laundering, obtain data of interest there daily. 
[The program operates] discretely, on the margins of legality, and beyond all reliable control. The politicians know perfectly well [about] it. But “secrecy” is the rule.