American MiniTrue Announces Obama Engineered Egyptian Coup

The newly-unveiled Egyptian flag. Note that in solidarity with the Egyptian people, the new flag, announcing the real relationship between America and Egypt, contains the culturally aligned reverse of the Great Seal of the USA—with an actual pyramid and everything! 
The American MiniTrue today made a coordinated announcement: Barack Obama took down Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and the USA is in charge of running Egypt.

First off:

Talking about Egypt like it is an American colony, NBC news analyst, Chuck Todd, when asked today on Meet the Press, if the Obama administration would be more “hands-on” in its relationship to the rebuilding Egyptian government (following the Egyptian military coup that overthrew President Mohamed Morsi), Todd said:
“This time the plan is you will see the Obama administration, the Obama government, more involved in building the democratic…because it goes to what Andrea’s point is, and you’ve heard the President hint at this. Elections are not enough for a democracy. You’ve got to learn how to govern to. And that this time, the US government is going to be more hands-on, helping them build all parts of this new government, both in the interim basis, and in helping them hold this election, realizing the President owns this, whether the President like this or not, so no more sitting back.”
NBC’s Andrea Mitchell then explained:
“The fact is, America has been very involved in this [coup].”
Mitchell alluded to a New York Times story this morning, which plainly states that the US Government—in other words Barack Obama—made the call about when exactly the Egyptian military would put an end to Morsi’s government. The Times reported “an Arab foreign minister”, who was “acting as an emissary of Washington”, told Morsi that he could save his position as president of Egypt only by effectively giving up all his power and becoming a figurehead.

Morsi rejected this American demand as a “de facto” coup, and said he would rather die than accept it. A short time later, the USA gave the word to the Egyptian military, which executed a real coup, forcibly removing Morsi from power—without killing him (yet). Then the Egyptian military began rounding up Muslim Brotherhood leaders and detaining them.

Many Muslims have complained that the perception, right or wrong, that the US played a role in the overthrow of Morsi, would only further alienate and radicalize conservative elements of Islam, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, but also smaller more violent groups aligned with al-Qaeda, who believe that democracy is only allowed to function in the Middle East when the United States approves a popularly-elected government.

The new evidence, basically an admission by the government-controlled news media in America that the US involvement in the coup was real, and not merely speculative, will likely galvanize the reaction against the coup and the military in Egypt.

However, since popular sentiment against Morsi was also demonstrable, the concern now is that US policy has managed to so severely polarize the people, a strong and sustained military crackdown may be required to prevent civil war—if preventing it is even possible.

Why does the US government want the world to know for a fact it engineered the Egyptian coup? For one thing, increased instability in the Middle East fuels fears of terrorism in America, thus enabling Obama and the fascist surveillance regime to claim such things as unrestricted NSA spying are necessary evils.

Secondly, the MiniTrue has been running articles since the Egyptian coup praising the anti-democratic action, and basically arguing that American paternalism towards Egypt, however regrettable, is in the longterm interests of the United States.

The arguments are remarkably similar to those made by British politicians during their long colonial occupation of Egypt.