World To Obama On Snowden: Eat Our Shorts!

One of the key new players on "The Snowden Show", the reality-television program now sweeping the globe, is Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador. Correa and his government have established themselves as a home to whistleblowers of US government abuses. The Ecuadoran embassy in London is currently housing Julian Assange of Wikileaks, protecting him from extradition to the USA. And reportedly, Ecuador is like likely new home for Edward Snowden, as he seeks a friendly country to evade prosecution in the USA.
One country after another, from China to Russia to Cuba to Ecuador (to most of the Earth)—places that don’t kowtow to American foreign policy—have rejected the calls of the Obama regime to snatch and hold and extradite Edward Snowden.

The whistleblower is reportedly headed to some fugitive-friendly destination, most likely Ecuador, where the government there will grant Snowden asylum, and some protection from the not-so-long arm of US law enforcement.

In the meantime, there is speculation about how much Snowden may have to surrender (of his data cache copied from the NSA) to places like China and Russia in order to get his protected passage to Ecuador.

Of course, all of that could have been avoided by the USA, if it had not adopted a fascist spy regime to perpetrate on everyone—including American citizens—AND if the Obama regime were not fighting an increasingly brutal and unconstitutional war against government whistleblowers AND journalists that give whistleblowers like Snowden outlets for voicing the truth.

Many fascist-regime supporters have pointed to Snowden’s flight from prosecution as evidence his ultimate motive was harming the USA, i.e. that Snowden is a traitor. Yet, the treasonable acts by the US government against its citizens, wildly and widely infringing the Constitutional freedoms of all citizens, is the real danger to Americans.

It is necessary, in the battle rhetoric called a “national debate” on the Snowden issue, to engage and destroy the ruthless propaganda of the United States government and its many agents—paid and interns—as it seeks to defame the character of a person who performed one of the most courageous and beneficial acts of any US citizen in history.

As noted many times, what the real debate should be about is not Edward Snowden, who has been turned into a reality television character by the pro-fascist MSM. The real concern is what we have learned about the nature of the regime currently ruling the USA, and the nature of whatever else it is about that repressive entity that Americans need to know, but are not allowed to by what used to be their government.