When Senator Wendy And Texas Women Crushed The GOP

Senate Democrats give the victory sign to signal success over the heinous Republican effort to destroy access to legal abortion in Texas. In fact, so convinced are many of the GOP supporting thugs, they call abortion "murder", completely ignoring that abortion is LEGAL in the USA. And Texas, for the time being anyway, is still in the USA.
"We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do."—Rick Perry, calling Texas women who stopped the GOP last night "indecent", because they would not shut up when told to by the white men. Perry also announced another special session to push for the passing of the anti-abortion-rights bill.

This has been a long time coming. One dumbass GOP legislator after another has been elected to a position where they could do maximum harm to the people (of Texas and the USA).

If you don't understand what I'm talking about, either you're a GOP meathead, or you have managed to already forget the horrible carnage down to the USA by pseudo-Texan George W. Bush.

Prior to the president's gig, Bush had announced the destruction of justice and common sense in Texas back in 1994, when the foul issue of George H. W. Bush defeated Anne Richards for governor. It wasn't as if Richards was some kind of social democrat. She was pretty conservative on most matters, including being OK signing death warrants.

But, of course, Anne was a woman. And the peabrained white men of Texas just knew things would be better with a white man in charge of things. And those peabrained white men doomed the state and the USA too to years of hell under some of the dumbest people allowed to order people to war in the nation's history.

If you wanted to discover the root of the problem we're facing, blame Anne Richards, whom if she had just beaten that horrible sonofabitch, would have saved so many people from needless suffering and death.

This brings us to the present, when another Texas woman politician, Wendy Davis, Democrat from Fort Worth, has just burst upon the national political scene last night, standing up to the GOP white men, taking every bit of their putrid abuses, and filibustering the GOP abortion-rights killer, Senate Bill 5. Senator Wendy, as many people called Davis online Tuesday as they cheered her online in numerous venues, including Facebook and Twitter, was unstoppable and unbreakable.

When the GOP realized that Davis wasn't going to stop before the midnight deadline for having a vote on SB5 (because the special session would end at that time), did they abandon all pretense of fairness in the process. They declared that Davis had broken a rule by mentioning fetal sonograms (or state rape), which the GOP said had no relevance to any debate on abortion.

Uh-huh. That's what they claimed.

The GOP, under the gavel of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and Republican Senator Robert L. Duncan, stopped the filibuster, violating the rules on voting to end it, and went straight to pushing for a vote on SB5. With plenty of time left to vote, the Republicans then made a terrible mistake.

They called on Democratic Senator Leticia Van de Putte of San Antonio. Senator Van de Putte had struggled to be called on, while Republican men pushing for the vote to be held were repeatedly called on by the chair.

When Van de Putte got her chance to talk, she said one thing, and it was the one thing the Republicans were not prepared to hear or deal with:
"At what point must a female senator raise her hand or voice to be recognized over a male colleague in this room?"
That question hit the almost all-woman gallery in the Senate chamber like a bolt of "been there". They erupted in deafening cheers, chants, rants, and overwhelmed the GOP's ability to conduct any more business. The Republicans hurriedly tried to have a vote, but the clock had run out on them.

David Dewhurst wrote earlier today on his Facebook page:
"I am furious about the outcome of the final day of this Special Session, when an unruly, screaming mob using 'Occupy Wall Street' tactics derailed legislation intended to protect the health of Texas women and their babies. An unconscionable series of delaying actions by the minority party and their allies placed SB 5 in direct jeopardy of death-by-filibuster upon its arrival in the Senate. Pushing every parliamentary procedure to its limit, we passed SB 5 19-10, but the deafening roar from the gallery drowned out any possibility of adjourning with a signed bill. I pledge to Texas one thing: this fight is far from over."
Telling the women of Texas, citizens with a right to voice their outrage at the GOP goons, that they are nothing but an "unruly, screaming mob" is guaranteed to swell the ranks of that mob, and to enrage it to the point it swarms and defeats every attempt by Republicans to push their women-hating agenda.

The Texas GOP has been asking, begging, for a war on abortion—i.e. a war against women.

Now they have it. Be careful what you wish for.