Times Op-Ed Denounces NSA (And Obama) As "Criminal Operation"

Next year, 2014, try something different. Actually reject the same old fascist choices offered by both parties. Tell party leaders YOU WILL NOT VOTE if they continue to offer trash, instead of true defenders of liberty and justice. And yes, this is dangerous. Some more bad guys may win if you sit home. But the bad guys you're voting in are doing real and lasting harm to the nation and to the freedom of all Americans. Either USE your vote to coerce compliance by your employees, or accept that—already—your vote is just a rubber stamp for repression.
Denouncing the full spectrum of NSA enablers and stooges, including the lazy majority of US citizens, a new NY Times Op-Ed concludes that the real problem is one of bad leadership, from Barack Obama:
"Americans deserve better from the White House —and from President Obama, who has seemingly forgotten the constitutional law he once taught."
Pointing out that the surveillance programs which have violated the rights of all Americans, have been vocally supported by Congressional Republicans, Democrats, and "liberal-leaning" commentators, two law and civil liberties professors unabashedly conclude these pro-NSA cheerleaders are just dead wrong.

In fact, the two professors, Jennifer Stisa Granick (Stanford), and Christopher Jon Sprigman (U. of Virginia), conclude that the US government is engaged in systematic and fundamental infringements of American civil liberties:
"The Fourth Amendment obliges the government to demonstrate probable cause before conducting invasive surveillance. There is simply no precedent under the Constitution for the government’s seizing such vast amounts of revealing data on innocent Americans’ communications. The government has made a mockery of that protection by relying on select Supreme Court cases, decided before the era of the public Internet and cellphones, to argue that citizens have no expectation of privacy in either phone metadata or in e-mails or other private electronic messages that it stores with third parties."
Much of this has been pointed out for the last few weeks across the web, by various critics of the NSA and the fascist spy regime of the USA, but this is the first time the alleged "paper of record" has published the plain accusation that the scheme to destroy the Constitution, perpetrated by the combined arms of the US government, is a vast criminal conspiracy.

As noted here before, Barack Obama absolutely deserves to be impeached, for perpetrating this criminal conspiracy against the American people. The problem is, Congress would be practicing the height of hypocrisy to impeach the president, since they would first need to impeach themselves—or better yet—resign the offices they have disgraced.

As the President rightly points out, Congress has signed off on all the crimes of his and George W. Bush's regimes.

Over a decade of a pointless war has turned the brains and the spirits of the American people to mush. They don't even recognize when their rights are being ground up to dust by the government that is supposed to protect those liberties.

As the professors conclude:

"It’s time to call the N.S.A.’s mass surveillance programs what they are: criminal."

And it is time to call the US government what it is, a criminal syndicate, which dwarfs the tiny threats to the American people posed by mundane crime gangs, or al-Qaeda.

That said, what is the solution?

You can't keep voting for the same kinds of people, reasonably expecting to get a different outcome. The empirical evidence, and common sense, indicate that laziness on the part of voters—to keep tolerating the trash dumped on them by Republicans and Democrats—is ultimately the basis for the problem.

Educate yourselves. Demand truth and justice from the pols. Accept no substitutes for liberty.