Time For the US Government (All Of It) To Resign

When the government declares the people and their rights disposable obstacles to the government pursuing other objectives, it is time for that government to go.
A lot of conservatives are trying to blame just the Obama administration for the massive spying programs on Americans.

True, Obama had the power NOT to do it, but he chose instead to continue and expand George W. Bush's constitution-hating behavior.

However, Obama did not do this entirely secretly, and certainly not alone. He had help. Help from Congress. Help from the Supreme Court, and the courts system.

And, unquestionably, Barack Obama and George Bush had help from both political parties. Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty.

The problem for us now is that we, the sheeple, cannot possibly know which persons in government were in or out of the loop on these pervasive, massive, domestic spying programs.

But here is what we do know. The entire government apparatus enabled it, sanctioned it, perpetrated it, and many government leaders are now defending it.

We are being told—LOTS of lives were saved because of all the spying. But they will not tell us whose lives or what active plots were stopped. That's because it's all a big secret you don't need to know about.

Remember when George W. Bush said to you: Don't worry your little heads about nuthin'—I'm on the job—and you just need to go shopping.

And you were so scared the terrorists were going to come after you next, you believed him, and you obeyed him, and you got used to believing and obeying lying motherfuckers.

And now you think that's what being an American is all about.

Maybe you're right.

But, if you count yourself as something more than a sheeple today, then start telling everybody:


And nobody in it should ever be allowed to hold office again. They are traitors. And they need to go back home and shut up and never be heard from again.

And yes, I mean Barack Obama. And I mean Joe Biden. And I mean John Boehner. And I mean Nancy Pelosi. And I mean Eric Cantor. And Harry Reid. And Mitch McConnell. And I mean John Roberts and his crew over at the Supreme Court.

All of them.