It’s Supposed To Be Liberty First In The USA

Many national players have declared their allegiance to fascism this week. Some are surprising, given their positions in the past. Some are not so surprising, like Peter King, Republican Congressman of New York. King hates Muslims, almost as much as he hates the First Amendment (which protects Muslims from King). While King can't yet send Muslims to prison for being Muslims, King wants to send journalists, like Glenn Greenwald, to prison for doing their jobs—well.
It is the government’s obligation to preserve, protect and defend the Constitutional liberty of Americans.

Successful fulfillment of this obligation cannot occur if the government sees that process, of preserving, protecting and defending individual liberty, as an obstacle to doing what the government views as a more important mission: spying on Americans to build a giant database of their entire lives (including their DNA).

That mission is obviously a heinous and deal-breaking threat to liberty—far in excess of any threat posed to Americans by al-Qaeda and the poor ragamuffins of enemies the USA has been picking on for decades.

Listen to the rhetoric of US government officials over the years of the Bush-Obama war regime.

You very seldom hear them talk about the Constitution, or Constitutional freedoms, or the obligation of the government to protect those freedoms. Since 9/11 especially, what you hear instead is a lot of blather about keeping Americans safe (by killing thousands of them in stupid wars)—but not safe from the biggest threat of all.

It shouldn’t be that way, you know.

Nobody takes an oath in US government to “preserve, protect and defend” the PEOPLE of the United States, say from alleged or imagined terrorists.

No. The oath says the obligation of presidents, legislators, judges, soldiers, is to “preserve, protect and defend” the CONSTITUTION, specifically the LIBERTY of the people.

The Founders of the USA counted liberty as more important than life.

"Give me liberty or give me death!", shouted Patrick Henry.

For a life lived as a slave—well, Patrick Henry didn’t have to look far, did he, to see what that looked like. He owned slaves. So did lots of the Founders, including the fellow who talked about all men being equal, and the fellow who wrote the Bill of Rights.

Now, of course defending the lives of people is part of that process too—but we need to understand the priority list—LIBERTY FIRST! LIFE SECOND!

Maybe you feel differently.

Maybe you feel John Cornyn got it dead right, when he articulated the principle the US government currently follows: “civil liberties don’t matter much after you’re dead”, and maybe you think that lifeless liberty is just a stupid idea, and so no matter how unfree we need to be made to get public safety just right (in the government’s estimation), so long as we’re kept alive, that’s all that matters.

We’ve watched a stream of fascists this week, in government, in the media, in the military, tell us that we should just trust this government—"Just do it!" they command us—even though this regime regularly, casually, lies to its own people.

Instead of Americans being deeply disturbed at the callous dishonesty and hatred of liberty displayed by the spy-regime junta that really runs the USA, the people are told instead they should be grateful, and that the willingness of the spy regimists to lie to the people, to try to keep secret that they spy on the people, is a sign of how much the government loves the people.


There’s a reason why 1984 is a big hit again.

Read it if you haven’t.

And well consider the fact that the people who made our current government (and by “current” I mean especially Bush-Obama) actually consider 1984 a guidebook to good governing.

And so confident are these liberty-haters that you and your fellow citizens are a bunch of sheeple, who will take any amount of repression and look up to your masters and beg for more please sir, they’ve distributed hundreds of millions of firearms to all of you—KNOWING you’ll just target practice and gun down forest animals (and each other of course) with that giant private pointless arsenal.

Now that’s really knowing your victims, huh?

But how wouldn’t the government KNOW YOU, when it data-collects and archives you from the moment you’re born?—like it thought of you as some kind of property.

Happy Friday.