David Dewhurst Compares Texas Women To Santa Anna's Army

David Dewhurst challenges the women of Texas to "come and take it", meaning his power to abuse them. On July 1st, when Rick Perry's next special session convenes, with the object of passing the most pervasive assault on Texas and American women's contraceptive rights, we will see how the women of Texas answer this challenge. Last time, they kicked Dewhurst's and the Texas GOP's butts.
Crazy Texas Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst, fresh off a buttkicking at the power of the people—and particularly Texas women and Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis—has now declared open war on all his enemies, especially Texas women, comparing them to the army of General Santa Anna!

Dewhurst, whose rage has built in the last 48 hours, as the media have mocked his abusive, inept attempt to push through Senate Bill #5, an abortion rights eliminator, in the special session that ended Tuesday night at midnight, has now raised a particularly evocative and provocative battle flag on his Facebook Page.

The banner, promoting Dewhurst as being essentially synonymous with Texas, has a warning to all the people Dewhurst claims are his enemies:

• Abortion activists—in other words, the women of Texas who still want their basic rights to a medical procedure that is LEGAL in the USA.
• The Supreme Court Of The United States—even though it is ruled by Republicans, Dewhurst accuses the SCOTUS of eroding state's rights—a terrible thing from the perspective of Dewhurst and his fellow Republicans, who still pine after the glory days of the Confederate States of America.
• The Obama Administration (naturally)—whom Dewhurst accuses of "imposing radical environmentalism on our economy." The problem with that accusation is that Obama does nothing radical, and radical environmentalism is certainly called for given that the Earth is drowning from the effects of the radical petro-puke that has helped make (a few) Texans extremely rich.

To these enemies of Dewhurst's hysteria he says he has four words:


Of course, Dewhurst knows most Americans won't know what that means, but his allusion to one of the most famous battle flags of the Texas Revolution, and to a defining event of that war, makes it clear where Dewhurst stands in his view of Texas women, and let's face it women in general—especially the kind who humiliate him in a day-long filibuster.

And now, a brief history of the Battle of Gonzales, Texas. This occurred on October 2, 1835, and was the first notable battle of the Texas Revolution. The short story on it is that at one point, the Mexican General, Francisco de CastaƱeda, ordered the Texan defenders of Gonzales to turn over a small cannon that the Mexican army had previously lent to them.

The rebels answered this demand by putting a placard on the cannon, which read: COME AND TAKE IT!

The Mexicans, a few score of dragoons, exchanged some fire for a day or so with the much larger rebel force that had gathered at Gonzales, and then the Mexican cavalry rode away, without the cannon.

Later, a battle flag was made out of the incident with the cannon, and the rebels' response, COME AND TAKE IT!, became a battle cry for Texans, fighting the army of General Santa Anna.

So, when David Dewhurst uses those words, to denounce the United States government, AND the uppity women of Texas who aren't going to surrender quietly to Republican outrages, he is declaring these enemies to be of the same quality as the number one threat to ALL white male bigots in Texas: MEXICANS!

And not the illegal alien kinds of Mexicans who do most of the hard labor (for low wages) in Texas, but that 1835-36 brand, that invaded Texas (which, you know, BELONGED to Mexico) and did that Alamo thing, before they got beaten by Sam Houston.

Dewhurst knows that message will get through to the halfwitted white people that brim over in the Texan Republican Party. They LOVE to talk about secession, and about how their growing list of enemies are just like Santa Anna's army, which of course their enthusiastic employment of the Second Amendment has enabled them to prepare to resist—violently.

But the problem is, if ANYBODY is acting like a repressive dictator, in the mold of a General Santa Anna, it is Rick Perry and David Dewhurst, and the woman-hating thugs of the Texas GOP.