White House Launches “Legal-Schmegal” Smearing Of IRS

Let's just say the center-spinner, Dan Pfeiffer, had a bad day at the office yesterday. While trying to say the White House understood people's angst about being snooped on by the IRS, he reinforced the impression a lot of people have that Barack Obama, constitutional law professor, doesn't care anything about what's legal. Meanwhile, the White House plan to toss IRS employees under Barack's Big Bus became evident.
It's been clear from the beginning that this White House, which takes days to locate prefab backbones (at Walmart?) on important debates, were looking for the right bus to toss the IRS under. And now they've found it.

When Dan Pfeiffer, described by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos as “the strategist at the center of White House damage control”, was asked by the host of “This Week”, whether the IRS program targeting Tea Party groups was legal, Pfeiffer replied:
“I can’t speak to the law here. The law’s irrelevant. The activity was outrageous and inexcusable. And it was stopped and we need it to be fixed, so we can ensure it never happens again.”
Stephanopoulos could not believe what he had just heard from the White House chief strategist on spinning the IRS situation. He immediately shot back at Pfeiffer:
“You don’t really mean the law is irrelevant, do you?”
Pfeiffer then expanded on his remarkable statement:
“What I mean is whether it’s legal or illegal is not important to the fact that the conduct doesn’t matter. [sic] The Department of Justice has said that they are looking into the legality of this. The President’s not going to wait for that. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again regardless of how that turns out.”
Pfeiffer might as well have said: Legal-schmegal, we’re going to smear these lowly IRS employees, because everybody hates them anyway.

"Legal-schmegal" is another way of saying the law’s irrelevant.

In other words, the Obama administration has determined that even if the IRS was conducting itself legally, that is in accord with the IRS code—written by Congress, not the IRS—the President doesn’t care. He doesn’t even care to wait to find out if this is the case from any criminal investigation conducted by his Justice Department.

It is reported that the morale at the IRS was already pretty low, before this story, improperly called a “scandal”, broke. Realizing that now, employees who were trying to do their jobs, will be feasted on by Democrats and Republicans, who will toss IRS careers like bones to snarling idiots who felt good the day Joe Stack attacked, must be very encouraging.

What we’ll now end up with is every stupid, ineligible nut group in the world applying for and getting 501(c)(4) tax exemptions.

So much for social welfare.