There Are No Scandals—Unless You Mean The GOP Lying Once Again

Republican scheme-team plots next move to spread scandal-points against Obama. So far, it's just not going as planned. Scandals are supposed to work people up, and instead people are going back to work. Damn!
And after all, everyone's used to the GOP lying, forging evidence, and basically acting like a bunch of wild animals as they have sought anything, no matter how low and flat-out racist, to take down Barack Obama.

Let's look at these so-called scandals, and what we've learned as the GOP has wasted tons of time and money investigating, instead of working to get more Americans the help they need in still-hard times for millions of people.

1. Benghazi—Just on this case alone, the way in which the Republicans have sought to politically game the deaths of four Americans, who were doing their jobs for the USA in a dangerous part of the world, should thoroughly discredit anything else the GOP has to whine about. Before we even knew the diplomatic personnel were dead on the night of September 11th, 2012, Mitt Romney had written an attack statement, showing how little he cared about the human lives involved. No, Romney only cared about spinning the events for his political advantage. And when Romney sought to spin Republican Benghazi talking points in the infamous second debate, Obama and Candy Crowley righteously smacked the fool down low onto the floor where he belonged. The look of shock and amazement on Romney's face, realizing that a mere black man—who you know is the President of the United States—had put him in his place was priceless. The GOP has never recovered from that butt-kicking they deservedly took on Benghazi, and instead of wisely moving on, they are wasting more time and money next week to call in Ambassador Pickering for a secret interrogation which you will not get to hear. Yet, the GOP say they are trying to help the American people learn the truth. Well, if you want that, read the Pickering report. That's a good place to start getting some truth on Benghazi. You sure won't be getting any from Republicans.

2. IRS and the Tea Party—As more media outlets are reporting, the notion that the IRS did something nefarious to the Tea Party is only held by people who are ignorant about the IRS's job, or who are immune from the facts. There was a context to the focus given to the Tea Party and other conservative groups in 2010, and that context was the open and widespread use of racist intimidation by the Tea Party, and the implied threat of violent force against political opponents, and particularly against President Obama. Add to that the attack on the IRS field office in Austin, Texas in February, 2010, and the fact the IRS started screening Tea Party tax-exemption applications more closely doesn't sound all the strange, does it? After all, the Tea Party demonstrated it was just fine calling on the IRS to go after opponents, like the NAACP, that it didn't like. Of course the NAACP wasn't packing armed heat at its rallies, nor did it regularly discuss the heaven that would be secession or the violent overthrow of the US government—as was the case for many if not most of the crazy people in the Tea Party. In a time of war—which the USA is still engaged in—potential threats of domestic terrorism need to be screened. So they were.

3. The AP and the JD—This should be the most troublesome alleged scandal, since the seeming attack on the First Amendment, and the ability of the press to do its job, should bother all Americans. One reason that isn't the case, is that the press are largely nothing more than corporate lackeys who suck up to power and actually have failed, miserably, to do their jobs for years now. The American people know that the First Amendment is a nice idea, but if some highly-paid reporters got their notes snatched by the feds in 2013!!—maybe the reporters should thank the government for showing AP and all the media outlets that security of data needs to be a greater concern. The fact is the Feds were doing their jobs, in a time of war, and using legal means to obtain information they wanted. The journalists were just plain stupid not to do a better job of protecting themselves, their operations, and their sources. And if that sounds like I'm saying there should be a natural adversarial relationship between government and the press—yes, that's what I'm saying. Now, do a better job of that, press doofuses.

And that is why, as the Republicans realize they have once more horribly overplayed an actually worthless hand, the feeling we should all have is gratitude that the insane idiots of the GOP will probably not recognize  this at all, and will instead pursue their investigations, and will forge evidence, and will lie, and eventually they will vote to impeach President Barack Obama.

And the day those incredibly stupid white men do that, will be the beginning of the extinction of the Republican Party.

Do it, you dumbass crackers. Make our day.