Republicans Bleeding Out: Obama's Approval Numbers Go Up!

What will the looney Republicans do next to Obama—bleed on him? The triple-front attack on "scandals" is falling very flat for the GOP. When you continually look like the loser in a Monty Python skit, you have got REAL transcendent problems.
It's beginning to look like Barack Obama is blessed with Clinton-Reagan Brand teflon.

The Republicans launched into a furious attack last week on three fronts: Benghazi, IRS, and the AP-JD issue, and after a week of telling Americans they were dumbasses for having voted for Obama instead of Romney in November, the American people have begun to reply to Republicans.

In a new CNN/ORC poll, released yesterday, two big statements emerge:

• The American people still like Barack Obama, in fact his approval numbers have increased to 53%!

• The American people believe Barack Obama, for example 61% saying Obama is telling most or all of the truth about his involvement with the IRS program, this despite the fact Republican propaganda has convinced most Americans something mysterious or nefarious is going on.

While the poll showed that most people do not think the GOP has overreacted in their investigations, a large percentage DO believe the Republicans have already gone too far.

And that is bad news for Republicans.

Unless the GOP investigations quickly uncover something truly substantive, which seriously calls into question Americans' trust and good feelings about Barack Obama, any long-term investigation of Obama's White House is going to be dismissed by more and more Americans as a partisan fishing expedition.

The Republicans have another problem, however.

After making such a melodramatic show of how terrible the three scandals must be, and with some Republicans already talking about impeaching the President, if they are seen to back off their push to get Obama, the GOP will end up looking more fatuous and foolish than ever.

Increasingly, the Republicans resemble the hapless Black Knight in Monty Python and The Holy Grail:

GOP: "I'm invincible!"

American people: "You're a looney."