Republican Issa Will Hide Pickering Testimony On Benghazi From American People

Former US Ambassador Thomas Pickering explains that Republicans did not want his public testimony at Darrell Issa's show-trial hearings on Benghazi last Wednesday. Issa then confirmed Republicans did not want the American people to hear what Pickering had to say.
After engaging in a brief, but telling, argument with former Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering, on the NBC Sunday news program, Meet the Press, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), the point man for the Republican push to impeach President Obama over Benghazi, said he would invite Pickering to testify before Issa’s House Oversight Committee—but only to give secret testimony:

"We’re inviting him on Monday along with Admiral go through...a private deposition so we can get the facts in a nonpartisan way."

Pickering, who chaired a State Department review of the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which occurred on September 11th of last year, directly refuted a claim by Issa that Pickering had been unwilling to appear before Issa’s Committee last Wednesday.

Issa alleged:
“Ambassador Pickering, his people and he refused to come before our committee…”
At that point, Pickering interrupted the Congressman to bluntly reject his claim:
“That is not true.”
The two then engaged in a back and forth about who was lying, and eventually Issa admitted that the White House has asked for Pickering to be included in the list of witnesses for the May 8th hearings, but that Republicans had said “no” to a public appearance by Pickering:
“[A]s the ambassador just said, the day before the hearing, if the White House said we’d like to have him, there’s a procedure. He could have been the Democratic witness. And we would have allowed him. The Democrats requested no witness. The fact is, we don’t want to have some sort of a stage show. We had fact witnesses. They testified.”
What Issa meant by not having “some sort of a stage show”, was that the Republicans did not want Pickering to provide any public testimony.

Instead, Issa explained that the American people did not need to hear anything Pickering would have to say:
“We have the Ambassador and—and Admiral ["Mike"] Mullen who conducted and oversaw the ARB [“Accountability Review Board” on Benghazi attack]. We’re inviting them on Monday. We’ll go through, not in front of the public but—but in a nonpartisan way questions and answers and then obviously a hearing to follow at an appropriate time.”
In other words, Issa hopes nobody, especially not the American public, will be watching or noticing when Pickering and Mullen give their secret testimony—an "appropriate time" no doubt meaning when nobody is paying any attention.

As facts come out about the manner in which Issa has conducted the hearings, and as discrepancies about the testimony of star witnesses come to light, questions are being raised about the fairness, usefulness, and objectives of the Issa hearings on Benghazi.

Despite Issa’s claims that the hearings are not an exercise in “getting” President Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Orc-like chant to IMPEACH! President Obama over Benghazi, which has been going since right after the attack, is increasing in volume daily as Republicans search frantically for a way to force Obama out of office early.