Plan-B Debacle Just One More Barack Obama Betrayal

When it came time to show the difference between the Bush regime and Barack Obama's approach to governing, Obama's response was to have his HHS secretary, Kathleen Sabelius, overrule scientists and doctors, and impose a politically convenient policy (one thought more pleasing to religious fanatics) concerning women's access to emergency contraceptives.
Remember Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

Go look under a bus. That's where Barack Obama tossed Wright in 2008, back when Obama chose politics over personal or ideological loyalty to his religious leader.

And when you're looking for that bus, the one Obama uses to betray people, it should be easy to find, because it will be the biggest bus in the galaxy. After all, it's running over the American people too.

So have declared numerous media outlets (not called Fox News) about the repeated failures of Barack Obama to keep his campaign promises and uphold his alleged principles.

Today, it's the New York Times, and the LA Times chanting "traitor", regarding Obama pushing ahead with an appeal of a court decision that would have eliminated restrictions for the sale of the Plan-B or "morning-after pill", an emergency contraceptive. Initially, this drug was sold only with a prescription. In 2006, non-prescription sale was approved, but with restrictions for women under the age of 18. And all women were subject to ID checks to establish their age.

It should be noted that, because of the way in which the Plan B contraceptive works, delays in obtaining it, even for a day or two, can render it useless. Thus, eliminating tests for access for females who can be helped by the drug seemed the logical course. That appeared particularly true for younger females, who might be facing a difficult decision whether to obtain the drug via prescription (which might involve informing parents of the need to do so), and who might not possess or wish to present an ID to obtain it in time.

A few weeks ago, a US district court in New York, which had been for years adjudicating Bush-era FDA rules restricting availability of Plan-B, ordered the Obama administration to stop acting just like the Bush administration, and to quit burdening access to Plan-B for purely political reasons. The court noted that, against scientific evidence, and the recommendations of the medical community, the Obama administration had continued the Bush practice of kowtowing to conservative religious groups on questions of women's health.

Particularly denouncing the behavior of the HHS Secretary, Katherine Sabelius, as "arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable", the judge accused the FDA of behaving like Senate Republicans:
"The FDA has engaged in intolerable delays...Indeed, it could accurately be described as an administrative agency filibuster. Moreover, one of the devices the FDA has employed to stall proceedings was to seek public comment on whether or not it needed to engage in rulemaking in order to adopt an age-restricted marketing regime. After eating up eleven months, 47,000 public comments, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, it decided that it did not need rulemaking after all. The plaintiffs [i.e., those suing for greater access to Plan-B] should not be forced to endure, nor should the agency’s misconduct be rewarded by, an exercise that permits the FDA to engage in further delay and obstruction."
Further, when the issue of continuing the restrictions was focused on the question of girls as young as 11 obtaining Plan-B along with bubblegum at the drugstore, the judge completely rejected this argument as pure propaganda on the Obama administration's part, intended, the judge said, to hurt virtually ALL women:
"[T]he invocation of  the adverse effect of Plan B on 11-year-olds is an excuse to deprive the overwhelming majority of women of their right to obtain contraceptives without unjustified and burdensome restrictions."
Last Friday, while addressing Planned Parenthood, and after repeatedly pointing out it was bad for government to impose limits and obstacles to contraceptive care, Obama promised:
"As long as we've got to fight to make sure women have access to quality, affordable health care, and as long as we've got to fight to protect a woman's right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you've also got a President who's going to be right there with you fighting every step of the way."
Earlier this week, the Obama administration's FDA announced that it would lower the age for purchase of Plan-B without a prescription to 15. The announcement specifically noted this action was not taken to be in compliance with the district court decision issued on April 4th, 2013.

In fact, Obama's Justice Department announced they would appeal the decision of the district court, and would seek instead to affirm the legality of the FDA to impose politically-based medical policy on women.

As noted above, the reaction to this has been negative, to say the least.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports today, that the Obama administration is on the verge of consolidating the Executive Branch power of: white men. While women and minorities, especially Hispanics, are hardly represented in Obama's new governing team, white men advanced to their usual position of dominance, this despite the fact that Obama was supposed to be the change agent. In fact, media sources report that Obama's new team represents his true preference—the people he really wanted all along.

The cries of "traitor" are not new. They began shortly after Obama took office, for example in a February 11, 2009 editorial, the New York Times called Obama a miserable failure and told readers "voters have good reason to feel betrayed".


In that case, Obama had sided with former Bush regime thugs to stop a lawsuit filed by victims of Bush's rendition and torture system. The Times concluded that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were "defending the indefensible", in other words covering up war crimes committed by the previous administration.

Obama seems hell-bent to invite extremely negative reactions from the people he's supposed to be able to count on his side. In fact, while Obama has been adept at campaigning against some of the most horribly inept candidates (McCain and Romney) we have ever seen put forward on a national ticket, Obama has revealed himself to actually be quite bad at the business of governing.

He seems not to grasp the understanding of the difference between compromise and selling out to avoid a conflict. Obama's few attempts of late to stand up to Republicans have gone very badly, and his continuing efforts to appear as a "centrist" on issues where being centrist is being dead wrong, are alienating the people who put him and have kept him in power.

Obama, acting perturbed the other day when he was asked if there was any juice left for his second term agenda (whatever that is), replied mockingly that maybe he should quit early and go home.

No one yelled back "no, please stay!"

And if Obama does not straighten out his act and his priorities, 2014 is not going to be a year of liberation from GOP obstructionism, but instead will be a year of third and fourth parties—running not to the lunatic right, but to the authentic left of Barack Obama and the Democrats.