Krugman: "Time to get really angry" at Steve Fincher & Republicans

Representative Steve Fincher (R-TN), wears the popular GOP message to poor people: Work or Starve. As Republicans know quite well, Jesus said these words when...oh wait!, he didn't! Ever! Jesus said exactly the opposite in fact, and Steve Fincher knows it. But when has honesty or integrity meant anything to grotesque poor-hating hypocrite, Steve Fincher?—or his GOP colleagues?
Well, let's say it is AGAIN the time to get angry at them. Just like it was yesterday. And the day before.

Republicans, in their zeal to enrich rich people more, and to kill poor people—including poor children—have zealously fought for years now to "reform" welfare, including eliminating the federal government's program, SNAP (or food stamps) to feed the hungry.

Republicans will usually interject at this point: "WHAT HUNGRY! There aren't any hungry people in the USA", they will demand.

Not only is that a damned lie, but one reason hunger isn't catastrophically high in the USA, is because of the meager benefits offered through the SNAP program.

As economist Paul Krugman points out in his article today at the Times, SNAP has been particularly helpful in the past five years, as so many people lost their jobs, and economies were threatened with even worse recessions (from lost consumption of basics, like food) if SNAP had not provided some assistance.

As I noted before, when the SNAP program was recently debated during the mark-up hearings for the Ag bill in the Republican-controlled House Agriculture committee, Representative Steve Fincher R-TN, who has become the poster boy for the GOP starve-the-poor push, engaged in a Bible-quoting duel with Democratic Congressman Juan Vargas (D-CA).

It is amazing to read, some of the looney arguments from Fincher's supporters about why quoting Jesus, about the responsibility of rich people, particularly, to feed the poor, is a "misrepresentation".

For example, after posting a link to my earlier article to Fincher's FB page, his chief (actually only) defender, accused me of being especially incapable of reading and understanding English, as I kept irritatingly quoting Jesus from Matthew 19—without first running it through the GOP Jesus-Was-A-Meanhearted-Bastard-Just-Like-Republicans machine.

Yes, how illiterate of me, quoting things, as written in the Bible.

On the other hand, it is funny to see Paul Krugman, establishment fixture, talk about getting "really angry". What happens at that point? He references another really devastating economic chart? Or dismissively lectures his intellectual inferiors—again?

Actually, Krugman is saying YOU need to get really angry. Angry with political action attached to it.

But you're saying to yourself—yeah, I've been angry for a while now, and what good has it done?

Well, good point.

But you have to remember how big a hole we're in. It's extremely (extremist-ly) deep. Republicans have gone so far out on the looney right wing idiot fringe (even assimilating the openly racist Tea Party goons), they have dragged along the Democrats, who too often attempt to compromise with their frothing-at-the-mouth GOP "colleagues", instead of doing whatever it takes to eliminate their power—for example, as Harry Reid is now considering doing (the righteous thing finally) in the Senate.

So comfortable do the rich feel at this point, they have declared open war against the rest of us. They own the military and the police. They'll STARVE you and your children, they'll THREATEN you with unemployment if you vote against their interests. They'll demonize the most vulnerable human beings, while preaching, under the guise of being good Christians, the purely Satanic doctrine that somehow it is the rich and powerful who are being victimized by poor people!—fellow citizens whom they regard as little better than farm animals, or in the worst case battle-chattel.

How do you get angry?

Well, first, do something reasonable: STOP BEING A STUPID SAP!

Stop buying into the dreary capitalist sucker-scam, where the idea that hard-working, slave-wage, proles, can have something called the American dream—a box to die in while you're making the rich richer.

And look in the mirror!

There's the first enemy that needs to be overthrown. You're just sitting there. Taking it.

And the rich know that's what you'll do. They trust your moral and political lethargy, like they trust the Bible to automatically anoint them as good people (in the eyes of fools), just because they cynically wave it about.

As steps to the change that must come to pass, if justice has any meaning, let us recommend some simple actions you can take today:

  • Make sure people like Steve Fincher know exactly what you think of him and his attitudes about poor people. Go to his Facebook page and his Twitter account, and register your opinions.
  • And then work to stop Steve Fincher from using his hatred (and his hypocrisy) to inflict so much harm on so many people.

The most basic benchmark of human decency we should be using to test members of Congress, to determine whether they deserve to be there, is whether they think starving children, by cutting successful anti-hunger programs, is responsible welfare reform.

Congresspeople who think that it is, need to be run the hell out of Congress forever.

The ones who think Jesus told them to be such disgusting haters of poor people, need to be sentenced to Vacation Bible School—where Fincher clearly ate the paste instead of paying attention.


  1. Always find it interesting that some people think making more and more people dependent on government is a good thing.


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