GOP Working Hard Every Day To Kill Poor Americans

One of the shining stars of hate and stupidity in the GOP House, Steve Fincher (R-TN) had the gall to whine about poor people not deserving public assistance in the form of food to feed their families, while he personally pocketed millions of dollars in farm subsidies. You can't really exhaust saying "scumbag" when you're talking about scumbags like the GOP.
Let us understand something, which stupid people often just miss—so let's repeat it again.

Obamacare, or any program to extend health care insurance coverage to ALL Americans has one basic goal: to stop enhancing the greed of better-off Americans, and especially rich Americans, by their killing the poorest Americans.

I'll explain more below about why that is.

But first, think about the GOP value system for a moment.

Throw away a TRILLION dollars on the Iraq War fiasco—no fucking problem—Republicans LOVED slaughtering Iraqi poor people for no reason.

Make sure the poorest Americans are guaranteed a basic level of health care?

Nope, Republicans hate that idea. And basically for the same reason they loved slaughtering Iraqis.

After all, part of the joy of being rich is watching the poorest people grovel around for life. It makes rich people feel like they're getting all the perks, the gravy, of wealth they're entitled to.

Now, you may think—what is he talking about, poor people will all be covered with Obamacare.

That was what was supposed to happen. But, as the New York Times pointed out yesterday, because the Republican-dominated Supreme Court made expanding Medicaid for the poorest Americans optional for states, Republican-dominated state governments have resisted making that expansion.

And if they end up refusing to do so, many of the poorest Americans will be prevented from accessing health insurance under Obamacare, because they will be too poor to do so.

Yep, the program that was supposed to guarantee coverage especially for the poorest Americans won't manage to fulfill that basic promise, primarily because Republicans simply don't give a rat's ass about the health of poor Americans.

One small positive of the fact millions of poor Americans will be ineligible for health insurance under Obamacare is that they will also be exempt from Obamacare's penalties for people who fail to obtain health insurance.

Of course, poor Americans should face no penalties anyway, and their insurance should be provided to them for free. That is good for America in every way—if for no other reason it moves the nation in the direction of appearing more, rather than less, civilized. And a boost in that measure is something the USA badly needs right now.

But, the chances of anything more civilized coming out of the Republican-led parts of government are non-existent.

Recently, for example, we had the spectacle of Representative Steve Fincher (R-TN), who had the unmitigated gall to lecture to the nation, during a debate on "reforming" SNAP benefits for poor Americans, that poor people needed to work or go hungry. Fincher quoted the Bible to back up that bit of barbarism, in part to counter a Bible-quoting liberal, Representative Juan Vargas (D-CA), who had just pointed out that Jesus said starving the poor was a good way to go straight to Hell.

Fincher used the old "Yes, Jesus said that about feeding the poor, but he meant for individuals to do that, not government" explanation for how the words of Jesus should not impact formulation of government policy.

Cool, except in pretty much every other arena of public policy-making, including national science policy-making, Republicans are exuberant supporters of basing their decision-making in what they claim the Bible says people should think and do.

But, the stuff about Jesus saying you hurt HIM when you ignore the poor? Oh, then Republicans say that's just Bible stuff, for each individual to work out for themselves. When it comes to helping, instead of murdering poor people, Republicans, according to Steven Fincher, have only guideline:

"We represent the people, and we represent the people’s money. And we have to be good stewards of that."

Cool, so that must be why Steve Fincher has received several million dollars in farm subsidies over the years, because he's so concerned to steward the people's money—into his bank account.

Hypocrisy doesn't even begin to describe the failings of the repugnant animals of the GOP.

Republicans are killing poor Americans, every day, with their hate, their ignorance, and their stupidity.

The GOP is a danger to national security, national integrity, and national credibility—in addition to being outright indecent.

The GOP must be destroyed.


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    Knights of Columbus Carl Anderson


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