Video Attacks Assault Rifle Ownership—Raises War Question Too

Check out this video, which is clearly in the anti-gun violence side of things:

This vid is pretty striking—and I think that's the case regardless of whether or not you agree with the political aims of the group that put out the video—and it raised a question for me when I was watching it.

What exactly is the difference in messaging between that illustration of the violence-worship problem in the USA, and if we made exactly the same video, but instead labeled the bullet casings with names of all the stupid, pointless, wars the USA has fought?

Or maybe instead of bullet casings flying, and women screaming on 911, it would be rockets flying out of drones, and children screaming as they are roasted by American taxpayers.

By the end of the video, the whole floor is covered with brass, and names of towns and cities. Of course we don't know how long it may have taken to pile up this floor of victimized places. That would involve a concern about history, which might then reasonably also raise a question about how many names of victim nations and peoples—killed by Americans—we ought to add to the expelled and forgotten collateral casualties of "freedom".
It's the same problem. The same disease we're talking about. Patching up some gun regulations isn't going to cure anything, or stop anything.

We need to do a root canal on the insanity in America—and we can start by repealing the Second Amendment. We can second that by demanding that our access to easily obtainable war and carnage is also drastically reduced.