“They Have No Souls!”: Maisch’s Verdict on Senate As Gun Control Fails

Patricia Maisch explains her role in restraining shooter Jared Loughner in 2011. Today she sought to restrain or shame the United States Senate after the NRA got to enough Senators to put an effective end to efforts to pass new gun control legislation.

In January, 2011, as Patricia Maisch realized somebody needed to take action to stop Jared Loughner from shooting even more people in Tuscon, Arizona, she reached out to wrestle away a magazine from the shooter as he attempted to reload. Maisch, along with two other people, was credited with preventing a mass shooting from having gotten much bloodier. As it was, the toll was terrible: six dead, and fourteen injured, including US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Loughner’s main target that day.

When Maisch heard the vote total total today in the United States Senate, on the Manchin-Toomey compromise gun amendment, which vote doomed the proposal, and may entirely doom any action on gun control for the current Congress, she pronounced her verdict from her seat in the Senate gallery:

“Shame on you!”, Maisch shouted, along with Lori Haas, whose daughter was shot in the Virgina Tech massacre.

The women were then escorted out of the Senate as Vice-President Biden asked for “decorum”.

Maisch, who was speaking about the Senators who voted against gun control, summed up the feelings of many Americans about the Congress in general:

“They are an embarrassment to this country, that they don’t have any compassion or care for people who have been taken brutally from their families. I hate them. We’re sick and tired of the death in this country and these legislators stand up there and think it’s a bunch of numbers. It’s a shame, it’s appalling, it’s disgusting.” 

Lastly, Maisch identified the real problem, saying:

“They have no souls.”