Thatcher Joins Reagan In Hell’s Homeless Shelter

Margaret Thatcher (left), who finally died, here threatens a poor farm girl with capitalist exploitation of the working classes. The evil bitch is reportedly roasting in Hell now, where she belongs. (Apologies to Margaret Hamilton)
“My task will not be completed until the Labour Party has become like the Conservative Party, a party of capitalism.”—Margaret Thatcher, explaining her task was to destroy political choices.

I’ve always said one thing about Margaret Thatcher.

To hell with her.

And now she’s there.

Roasting away eternity with her partner in class warfare, Ronald Reagan.

At least Reagan somehow convinced the idiots to love him.

Thatcher was about as cuddly as a ball of iron spikes—thus, the Iron Lady.

Of course Thatcher inspired conservatives, as she cut taxes, and tossed people off doles and into the streets. Eventually, just as in the USA under Reagan’s hateful reign of terror, the poor died off and their kids lined up to take whatever crappy jobs they could get servicing the wealth-building of the rich.

Thatcher and Reagan were monsters. Yet, they are fondly recalled by the plutocrats, the very ones who think America’s bright future is a single mom with two kids working for minimum wage and making TOO MUCH to be on welfare. After all, the responsible rich have to pay down that national debt the rich ran up paying no taxes.

I hope the Devil doesn’t choke on Thatcher’s dry, iron, bones.

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