Obama Goes To Dallas To Praise Bush—Not Arrest Him

Well, the "left" guy is taller and tanner. But that turned out to be the major difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush on way too many things, especially American war policy. Maybe that's why they're so happy with one another. 
Let’s just face facts.

The first clue we had that Barack Obama was going to be, at best, a timid and mediocre president, was when he failed to arrest George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, etc., as war criminals.

Instead, and confirming for many critics that Obama was severely unready for the Oval Office, the first black president acted a whole lot like the solid white monster he had just replaced.

Obama treated Bush with graciousness and respect, and with an open mind on military matters especially. It has been alleged that when Obama was confronted with intelligence reports, cooked by Bush’s team of course, about the threats facing the USA, he suddenly dropped his silly antiwar posturing, and essentially validated Bush’s policies.

The results of this:
• Obama promised to shut down the Iraq war. And he did—on George W. Bush’s schedule. 
• Obama, hoping to establish his militaristic credentials with American jingoes, promised to correct Bush’s “mistake” and surge the Afghanistan war. And he did—following bumptious General Petraeus’ divide-and-diddle strategy that had successfully put off the Iraq civil war until the US could make its quiet, shameful, getaway. But, unlike in Iraq, where US bribery of insurgents, ethnic cleansing and partition of the Iraqi nation actually worked for a while in quelling the horrific violence, the Petraeus strategy flopped big-time in Afghanistan. Obama put Petraeus in charge of the CIA as his reward, and Petraeus showed he couldn’t manage his own personal surges either. 
• In the end, Obama proved Bush right to have abandoned Afghanistan quickly. It was after all just a charade to distract the American sheeple, and get them enthused and baaing for yet another “easy” war against more bad people—in Iraq. The fact Iraq had not actually attacked the USA on 9/11 was pushed aside, since Bush claimed Iraq had WMD stockpiles and was getting ready to hand them over to Osama bin Laden. For most people, who did not bother listening to the critics of that claim, this made it clear the Iraq war was necessary—NOW! When it turned out all that was a lie, and there were no WMD stockpiles in Iraq, and that Bush was one of the greatest and bloodiest liars and murderers in American history, the American sheeple just went on grazing their housing bubble. 
• Obama, most of all, promised to close Gitmo, the primary kidnap, torture, and detention den set up by the Bush regime to show the world America could and most definitely would out-Qaeda Qaeda. But Obama never closed Gitmo. When it came time to have the courage to do what he said he would do, to stick by supposed humane principles, Obama lectured his base about “growing up”, in other words, about not being dumb enough to believe politicians running for office—including the hope-and-change guy. 
So, Obama is going to Dallas today to help open George W. Bush’s presidential library, located at Southern Methodist University.

Once again, Obama isn’t going to Dallas to arrest George W. Bush.

Rather, Obama will go to praise Bush.

And the sheeple will keep baaing.