If You’re In Texas Your Blown-Up People Don’t Matter

The seriously scary moment in West, Texas, when a fertilizer plant exploded. At that instant, inside the fireball, a number of first responders, firefighters and EMS personnel, were killed. You've never heard their names, though, have you?
Have you heard about what’s going on down in West, Texas?

Probably not that much really.

I’ve seen people say stuff like—yeah, that was some big explosion down there in the middle of Texas, huh? Might as well be a drone strike blowing up collaterals out in Wedontgiveafuckaboutit-land.

Or maybe one of those twisters that beats the hell out the heartland and southern states and which New Yorkers figure is God’s wise judgment to send elsewhere, like he does.

But Boston—oh fuck—then people’s hearts and minds are just about ripped out them when the marathon got hijacked.

Then the three dead people are instantly immortalized in media.

The fifteen dead in Texas—that’s what the New York papers report—the LA TImes reports it might be as many as forty dead? Yeah, whatever. After all, most New Yorkers want Texas to secede.

The entire nation is currently being crowdsourced by the FBI to find the Boston bombers—or the alleged bombers. As I write this, one suspect is reportedly getting ready for his autopsy, and the other is hiding out still in Watertown Mass as the cops close in. Very exciting stuff.

Meanwhile, down in Texas, they’re still not sure what happened. Might have been a VERY bad industrial accident. Might have been—something else. Anybody crowdsourcing that? Anyone?

But, hey, the manhunt is happening in Watertown—broadcast live! We gotta go watch the show.