George W. Bush Leads The Crowdsource Generation: What’s Chechnya?!

Cool George knew that being a dumbass about geography and presidents and shit was just fine with the yahoos of America. Still, we should remind ourselves, Bush LOST the vote in 2000. That's LOST, just like the American soul was about to get with Bush illegally and ill-advisedly in charge of the nation.
When the word Chechnya started whipping around the net this morning, as word came that the Boston bombers were ethnic Chechnyans, it turns out a lot of people had no idea what that was nor where it was.

As Huffpo points out, on Twitter, not only did Chechnya trend this morning, but so did the Czech Republic. Note: not the same places, not even close. But tweeters didn’t know the difference.

We are reminded in this that back in 1999, when that ejakayshun flop, George W. Bush was being grilled by a Boston television reporter over the names of a few leaders of foreign nations, one of those was Chechnya:


"Can you name the president of Chechnya."


"No, can you?"

Bush couldn’t name the president of Pakistan either, although he did have an opinion about him:

“The new Pakistani general—just been elected—he's not been elected—the guy took over office—it appears he's going to bring stability to the country and I think that's good news for the sub continent.”

That president’s name was Pervez Musharraf, who among other things had helped build the Afghan militia known as the Taliban. Note: today Musharraf was arrested in Pakistan on charges of treason and terrorism.

The questions Bush was asked in 1999 were meant to test whether or not he was prepared to take on foreign policy challenges as president.

Karen Hughes, Bush’s campaign manager, reacting to Bush’s inability to answer basic questions about world leaders, said the following:

“For the American people, the relevant question is not how many names a candidate has memorized but does he have the strategic vision to lead and can he protect American interests,"

After Bush, who lost the popular vote in 2000 to Al Gore, was appointed president by the five Republicans of the Supreme Court in a coup d’etat against the American people, Dubya began pushing for higher ejakayshun standards in the nation’s schools.

However, as we can see, silly things like memorizing stuff on maps was not really a big deal. As Bush proudly told Yale students at a graduation exercise in 2001:

“To the 'C' students, I say, 'You, too, can be president of the United States.’ ”

As Time noted about that remark “True enough. But it's a lot easier if your last name is Bush.”

Nevertheless, the antipathy to intelligence, to education, to the kind of bookishness that might have saved Bush (and the USA) from being so easily pushed around by Bush’s evil, and clearly brighter, advisors, has become an increasingly popular attitude in the USA.

With an ardent enthusiasm about keeping the faith (in branding labels and talking points and tribes), Americans are proudly ignorant sheeple. Many today, for example, are praising the police state instruments being used to locate one alleged terrorist, even saying “I love Big Brother.”

That’s because for most Americans, “Big Brother” is a reality television show, or some joke about big government, and is nothing to fear.

"Not with a bang, but a whimper—save us Big Brother! Save us from the terrorists—and geography!"


  1. Sometimes I think people like him or Dan Quayle that are totally unqualified are put in office as comic relief and distraction. But Obama has followed his policies. It's not really about how dumb Bush is, to me, but about having a distraction from what they are really fronting for. But I get the point. Having the President flaunt his willful ignorance is maddening.

  2. Yes, Obama adhered to Bush's policies—really closely in many cases. That is to my mind a betrayal—except why were people dumb enough to believe another politician making grand promises? And, what might have happened if 2010 had not deposited all those Republican lunatics in the House and in the states?


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