Celebrating The Police State In Boston

Can you name this suspect? The police-state task force by Friday night had convinced America THIS was the guy they were looking for, instead of a 19-year-old college student, who just might have fantasized being Niko Bellic. This isn't Kansas anymore. It's Liberty City, by way of George Orwell.
First, check out the Keystone Cops.

In our version of 1984, that’s who we’ve got working for us—or working for Big Brother.

Because if you look at the actual accomplishments of the combined anti-terrorism actions of the police state, and AT WHAT COSTS!?, you have the following this week:

1. FAILED once again to connect the dots on a potential terrorist. The FBI had been asked recently to review the threat posed by Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and concluded THERE WAS NO THREAT. So, when time came for the Boston Marathon bomb plot to be uncovered, American intelligence services and police were looking right at the bombers, and saw nothing. And who knows, maybe the little FBI visit, initiated in response to a “foreign government” asking for information about Tsarnaev, is what radicalized Suspect #1.

2. FAILED to sniff out bombers and bombs placed right under their noses at an event, The Boston Marathon, regularly pointed to by terrorism pundits as a concerning “soft target”. OK, so maybe cops weren't exactly looking for the Tsarnaev brothers when they should have been, but they weren't looking for ANYTHING, not even guys doing Eric Rudolphs (leaving unattended backpacks) right in front of bunches of cops.

3. FAILED to stop and arrest the suspects at the scene. Yeah, it was super chaotic, naturally, but there were scores of cops all over and more on the way. Instead of locking down the scene and confining the bombers, the first responders let the suspects walk out of the area. We know this because there is a picture, widely circulated, of Dzhokar Tsarnaev walking out of the area after the bombing.

The massive failure on the part of the police state to spot the bombs, or immediately detain the bombers, was ignored as online cheerleaders praised the "first responders", who allegedly ran toward the explosion. Actually, the videos show most paid first responders running around like chickens with their heads cut off. For crucial seconds and minutes, they clearly had no idea what had happened, and no idea what to do about it. The citizens who did pitch in and help were mostly in and around the explosion—they didn’t have to run to it—and were assisting injured people whose body parts and blood were in their faces. The vast majority of people at the scene—wisely—got the fuck out of there. And that’s the real American spirit: Danger, Will Robinson, get the fuck out!

3. SUCCEEDED in getting the crowdsource nation to use its limited wits to create and demonize suspects out of videos and stills of the bombing and the aftermath. Much was said during the week about the unprecedented partnership of the FBI using and encouraging the participation of the crowdsource nation. Thousands were turned into amateur investigators, searching over video and stills of the scene, looking for the bad guys. Naturally, with NO training, everyone was looking for the people they prejudicially believed did it. As CNN guided the hunt, many people figured it had to be some “brown-skinned” person. After all, they’re ALWAYS the people police arrest in America. Before long, the crowdsourcing produced one false lead after another. Many people were terrified to come out of their houses because they looked like some of crowdsourced suspects.

4. FAILED to locate the terrorists for days, despite a massive police grip on the city of Boston and surrounding towns. In fact, so comfortable was terrorist suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev that he continued to make tweets for days after the bombing. On Wednesday, two days after the bombing, DT tweeted, mockingly: "I'm a stress free kind of guy." The suspects could have left the area and they most likely would have escaped. Perhaps, instead, they expected to be caught quickly. They weren’t. Only after the suspects killed an MIT police officer and went on a robbery and kidnapping spree—like people TRYING to get caught by the obviously clueless cops—did the police finally chase down the suspects, killing one and losing the other in Watertown, Mass.

We should note that on Thursday afternoon, the FBI had released photos of the two suspects, asking for people’s help in identifying them. However, even though people who knew Suspect #2 (Dzhokar Tsarnaev), and believed the photo looked just like him, they couldn’t believe it was him and they failed to contact police. Apparently, after the photo release, the suspects believed they were about to be captured and they made their violent move in Cambridge, thus finally drawing sufficient attention to themselves for the police to notice and begin to put some dots together.

After a violent shootout in a Watertown residential area early Friday morning—where it was a miracle nobody else but the suspects were harmed—Tamerlan Tsarnaev lay dead of a gunshot wound, and his brother, Dzhokar, who perhaps had practiced this move with GTA (Grand Theft Auto), bashed his van through the cordon of police cars and made his getaway, just like Niko Bellic. Once again, the police state failed to stop the 19-year-old suspect.

5. FAILED to locate the one, wounded, barely-more-than-a-kid suspect for most of the day on Friday, despite turning the Boston area and Watertown specifically into a militarized zone. One million American citizens were locked down, like they were prisoners. Hundreds of heavily armed Boston cops, Boston swat police in urban assault gear, FBI and ATF agents in military uniforms, and countless armored assault vehicles, helicopters, sniffer dogs and probably a Terminator or two—COULD NOT FIND Dzhokar Tsarnaev. Even though police feared DT was wearing explosives and intended to take out as many people as possible at the end—this being the reason for the massive lockdown they claimed—the police state could not find a thing.

All day long, people online cheered the massive police and government paramilitary presence, many posting messages praising “Big Brother” and making fun of people who were concerned about big government. Some messages talked about how our taxes went to pay for things like the massive, basically useless, armed force applied to capture one fly in the government’s massive dragnet.

Finally, in the early evening, only after a citizen in Watertown noticed blood on his boat in his backyard, and called police to look at it, did the Keystone Cops close in on DP, and after letting him bleed some more for a couple of hours, took him alive. Eight hundred feet away from Dzhokar Tsarnaev's last stand was an elementary school. It was closed for the day.

While people were happy to have the Boston bombers taken off the streets, the fact is that an entire American city was paralyzed for most of a week, and utterly locked down for a day, just to catch two guys. The American people, and really many people in the world, were enlisted by the state to aid in the hunt. And people were OK with it.

After twelve years of perpetual war, perpetual fear-mongering, and perpetual recruitment efforts by the USA to make as many Muslims—but all kinds of people too—hate America and want to blow it up, the American people are mentally, morally and psychically exhausted.

They are ready to be embrace the state. They are ready to love Big Brother.

And, despite BB’s obvious ineptitude in actually protecting the people, he’s ready to permanently lock them down—with deepest affection.