Republicans Gloat Over Hurting Poor Americans With Sequestration

Hosts of Morning Joe laugh while discussing how Sequestration is not the big of a deal. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski make millions of dollars a year sitting on their asses making light of the plights of poorer Americans.
When Republicans signed off on the Sequestration trigger, many of them nodded their heads with their Democratic colleagues, saying at the time “Oh no, we’ll never let that happen.” Privately, a lot of them must have been laughing their butts off at how stupid Barack Obama had been to make such a bad deal.

The thing that convinced Dems and President Obama that Republicans would be motivated to compromise on an eventual budget, one including higher taxes for richer Americans, is that Sequestration had a supposedly poison pill for Republicans—a big cut in defense spending.

But, as we have seen, Republicans are just fine with that, so long as poor people and regular Americans get to suffer even more than they already are.

On the domestic side of things, while Obama was praised at the time of the deal for getting big-ticket social programs like Social Security and other “safety-net” spending exempted from the automatic cuts, nevertheless the New York Times reports today that most of the pain of the Sequestration cuts will fall on poorer Americans.

And that brings us back to the cuts to defense spending. While soldiers will still be paid, operational budgets and construction budgets are being slashed, which will lay off lots of working-class Americans, pushing even more workers into unemployment and into Mitt Romney’s hated and growing 47%.

Problem is, among other ways Republicans—and Democrats—have shaped Sequester cuts, people on longer-term unemployment benefits, required in a “recovery” with few jobs, will have their benefits cut. So will lots of other poorer Americans.

Meanwhile, last week, Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough, praised by the Times as some kind of voice of conservative moderation, went on a national campaign to inform everyone that most Americans don’t care about Sequestration cuts, because the cuts aren’t so big and nobody (who matters) is going to be hurt by them. Writing in the Times on Friday, Scarborough made fun of the idea the Sequester was even worth mentioning:

"[N]obody will remember where they were and what they were doing when the Great Sequester of 2013 kicked in...Republicans can be forgiven for asking what hardships most Americans can expect to face if sequestration actually allows spending to rise another $15 billion next year. How compromised will federal agencies’ missions really be, given that their budgets increased sizably during Mr. Obama’s first term?"

Further, Scarborough said "the poor" were just some kind of empty meme used by President Obama to misleadingly beat up Republicans. Asking whether Republicans should once again risk being seen as the party that wants to "slash spending programs for the poor" while securing "tax breaks for the rich", Scarborough said this was finally time to declare that strategy "the winning side of the fight". Why? Because Scarborough tells us that nobody is going to care about the Sequester, unless the dire predictions concerning it actually "come to pass".

As noted above, today the Times answered Scarborough, and other Republicans, by pointing out one potential effect of the Sequestration cuts would be to make at least 225,000 more Americans homeless. Part of these, about 100,000 Americans, are formerly homeless people who had been given help from government in finding housing, but who will now be tossed back into the streets. Add to that a lot of people who will be newly made homeless because of jobs lost via Sequestration cuts.

But those victims of Republican hatred (of the American people) and Democratic stupidity (in imagining any limits to Republican despicableness), won’t include Joe Scarborough, or his buddies in the morally vacant punditocracy.