Yes—Barack Obama Is Also A Monster

It is not surprising that so many of our heroes today are monsters. We pin war medals on people whose main claim to honor is perpetrating mass murder and destruction. Our monstrous leaders give gigantic passes and welfare to rich creeps (i.e. vampires) who wreck world economies, and similar passes and welfare to rich creeps who wreck global climates. The above, which you may recognize as adapted from a certain horror movie, is what politicians actually look like. Try to remember that.
After all, Barack Obama is Carmen Ortiz’s boss, and I’m sure the President never once said to her: Carmen, aren’t you being a little crazy trying to lock up Aaron Swartz for 35 years—or at all? But you think Obama is going to choose the hackers—or fair use and intellectual integrity—over Disney or JSTOR on copyright?

Read the DMCA kowtowing on the White House’s own website.

Just because I supported Obama’s election over the other, even worse, monster, does not mean that I think Barack Obama is a good guy.

He’s a better guy—than the imbecilic demons inhabiting the rotted-out old Republican Party, but hardly good.

Good people don’t take the reins of such great power and then use it to make such cowardly compromises with the aforementioned demons.

Good people don’t denounce the forieign policy of the previous, horrific, president, and then just continue to conduct that foreign policy as if there were nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

Good people don’t assasinate babies—and then dismiss it with a stupid slogan or euphemism about it being the collateral cost of fighting terrorists.

Good people don’t promise such a gargantuan pile of dreams of a better America to a bunch of saps—Obama’s hippie base—and then demonstrate your panties and your values are pretty much as Ivy-League-White-Upper as Mitt Romney’s.

Barack Obama, when it come to what he does, is way too much LIKE John Boehner, than he is different from him. That is why the two of them would have already made a budget deal—harming millions of poorer Americans—except Boehner couldn’t get it passed by his insane, House Republican caucus.

Usually, when this kind of critique is offered against Obama, from the left (or whever I’m standing) goosestepping liberals will jump in to blather about that great health care initiative, Obamacare, which is mainly great in the sense that it provided something instead of nothing in terms of health insurance for poorer Americans.

But the problem is that the way in which it achieved that goal was by treating poorer Americans like deadbeats and criminals—precisely what Republicans think is the case.

And why should that surprise us? The signature achievement of the Obama administration so far is passing Mitt Romney’s nationalized health care program.

The left in the USA needs to get a grip, get a renewed life and mission, and realize that the pushback against the tyranny and the inequality needs to come hard, and against ALL the people with power, including Barack Obama and the Democrats.