Obama Promises To Empower Americans To Work Harder—Like That’s A Good Thing

See? Those are people who have been empowered, indeed forced, to work harder. Hard work is stupid bullshit, that nobody should confuse with somebody doing you a favor of some sort by their empowering you to do more of it.
You know you’re in trouble, when David Brooks is calling your inaugural address “among the best of the past half-century.”

If Brooks is happy with it, then it’s probably addressing the interests of the “bigger piggies in their starched white shirts” and not those of the American people. Of course, Brooks is interpreting Obama’s speech from a context of assuming the President is a “liberal”, which is ridiculous.

Barack Obama is a moderate Republican, which is all that can run and rule in the Democratic Party any longer.

While Obama’s speech has been widely praised by all kinds of piggies, any thinking person, as opposed to the people who find Obama such a powerfully positive symbol of change that they don’t care what he does, will find some really peculiar bits in it.

For example, Barack Obama says he wants to:
“…empower our citizens with the skills they need to work harder…”
Why don’t we just send them to China then, where that kind of training is widely available in Chinese factory sweatshops?

Maybe that’s what Obama means. That we’ll be more competitive when American workers shut up whining about good wages and just China-up to the poverty plate.

Allow me to educate Mr. Obama, and perhaps you too reader. It is a maleficent power, or technology or training, that obliges you to work harder.

Instead, we should empower our citizens with the skills they need to never work again. That should be the ideal to which all people aspire.

That is the world in fact that we are rapidly becoming, because human labor, even slave labor, will soon be made entirely obsolete by automation, especially robots.

What will we say about the dignity of labor, a crackbrained notion even Democrats promote, when the idiocy of labor, made more evident than ever by the pathetic pointlessness of human work as a marketable commodity, becomes the overwhelming problem policy makers have to address?

There is something kind of remote about Barack Obama. Everybody notices it. It is as if he thinks he’s playing the role of an outer-space alien (specifically Mr. Spock on Star Trek), trying to balance lifting up a hopelessly barbaric American people from the dirt, with the demands of the Prime Directive.

We are told by the Times that this time around, Mr. Spock-Obama will call less for the latter concern, and will stop handing his ass (and the welfare of the American people) to the Republican goons on a silver platter, and will instead employ his executive, Vulcan, powers to order people to the do the right (or left) thing.

Maybe so.

But the problem with Barack Obama, and with the whole liberal crew of policy pushers, is that doing the right thing is only possible to achieve if you believe such a thing exists, and you know what it is.

Telling Americans a worthy goal is to empower them to work harder, sounds like something a person who does not actually understand what that means for most people—especially poor people—would say.