James Yeager's Honest Crazy Gun Manifesto

Who is James Yeager and why should you care? Some Barney Fife doofus who got himself a job as a security contractor in Iraq during the war, and who now runs a gun mayhem training outfit in Tennessee.

And then, a few days ago, James got on YouTube and went a little funny in the head—or something—and told everybody in explicit language what the gun nuts have planned. Stuff about how if Barack Obama tries to take away his assault weapons, Yeager and his formidable militia army will go to civil war and start killing people.

This video is a compilation of just a few of Yeager's more bizarre and troubling comments, and includes a little contrast with an actual sane and sober person (President Obama).

Whatever your view of gun rights and gun restrictions, maybe we can agree James needs to be separated from dangerous weapons—especially guns—immediately.

A lot of NRA types even are agreeing that is the case. Of course they don't want James as their poster boy, but the problem is the NRA has gotten so extreme, coddling idiots like Ted Nugent, that James Yeager seems right at home with the other gun nuts.