Snowing Stupid In Washington DC

Yes, it's not something new that Congress is acting stupid, like it doesn't care about the nation. But part of the problem in that critique has always been the different views of what "the nation" means, and especially who principally should be served by its elected officials. Usually "the People" are on the bottom of the food chain.
How stupid is it? Just ask—well—everybody.

Like the constitutional law professor (no, not that one) who admits in the Times this morning that he is ashamed it took him almost 40 years to figure out the Constitution is actually a stupid and disabling document that needs to be rethought—or better tossed in the trash.

While pols and pundits blather on about how Lincoln shows us the wonderful messiness of American democracy in action (a fucking CIVIL WAR was going on outside!)—somehow the 19th-century retards passed the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery in the USA (again—a fucking CIVIL WAR was going on outside!)—the 21st-century retards currently strangling the nation in Congress, can’t even wipe their own butts without a “cliff” of some sort being threatened to force them into hygienic behavior.

And, as we are about to see, apparently, even the threat of wrecking the fragile US economy, which going over the Fiscal Cliff is supposed to do, isn’t enough to get these imbecile apes to act like they know how to do the job they were elected to do.

Of course, as one deep-read of the tea leaves says, going over the cliff isn’t really a problem, because on January 2nd, instead of arguing over how much to raise taxes on disgusting rich pigfuckers, the Congress can instead allow taxes to be raised on everyone—which is what they are about to do—and then come in on January 2nd, like the US Cavalry, and be seen to rescue taxpayers by cutting taxes for everybody, including the disgusting rich pigfuckers.

In other words, the Congress thinks you are so fucking stupid that you won’t notice they enacted exactly the same legislation that they could have done today, but they waited until they could get a more palatable slogan—a tax cut.

Again, as of midnight, just so we’re clear, Congress (including the Tea Party members) will have allowed for a huge tax increase on everybody.

The Republicans want everyone to think the blame for that should fall equally on both parties and both houses, and on the President. As we have said here before, we agree with that view, but only insofar as President Obama has failed to arrest the Republican House members.

The Democrats, for their shoddy part, had already gone groveling like dogs across the aisle into Mordor back in 2011. Now, showing a little more backbone than none at all, Dems are having to negotiate with a bunch of right-wing ding-dongs, who ought to be in a 1930s comedy—Mr Smith Goes To Washington And Finds A Bunch Of Halfwitted Republicans Buttfucking America, And So Far America Is Liking It Just Fine.

After all, you fucking idiots, you aren’t in Washington DC, demanding something change, are you? Or, maybe you thought that silly election would change something. Really?

Instead of calling your Congress-people, and telling them to stop acting like a bunch of treasonous swine (yes, I know some of you like pigs a lot, and I'm picking on pork), you’re reading the internet, hoping things get better.

Peabrained proles. You deserve what you tolerate.