NRA Argues More Guns Will Solve Problem Of Gun Violence

Little terrified children being led away from the gun carnage in their elementary school today in Newton, Connecticut. This scene will increasingly become a common experience for America's schoolchildren, if the NRA's barbaric pro-gun idiocy is allowed to hold sway any longer. It is way past time to repeal the Second Amendment.
Despite the increasingly horrific news regarding the USA's passionate death dance with guns, the National Rifle Association argues that the real problem in America, the reason so many people are dying from mass gun killings, is there are not enough guns.

The NRA wants more guns in more citizens' hands in every place in America: in schools, in workplaces, in shopping malls. That way, when the next demented idiot starts blasting people with his guns, other people armed with guns can also start blasting, and the increased number of bullets flying with make everyone a lot safer.

Yes, the NRA is obviously smoking crack. And not for the first time.

Now, with America counting up another pile of its dead children, sacrificed to the stupid fucking Second Amendment, will Barack Obama once again calculate it's politically safer to just say and do nothing?

He doesn't have to run for office again.

Just come the fuck out, Barack, and call the NRA a bunch of nuts, who enable mass-murderers. That's actually being nice in fact.

The truth is that the NRA leadership, and its vocal pro-gun base, are OK with the multiple gunshot deaths of America's children. They would rather bury more American kids, than see their massive arsenals of weapons threatened by the American government doing something sane like regulating the ownership of guns.

It is 2012. Not 1812, you bunch of maniacs. Grow the fuck up and repeal the rancid, uncivilized Second Amendment.