Guns Are Just One Symptom Of American Mental Illness

Avant-garde American psycho Susan Atkins was a pioneer in bringing the crazy home to roost in the USA. People were understandably horrified by what Atkins and her Manson family siblings perpetrated. But Americans actually had big differences of opinion and treated as debatable the morality and wisdom of the monumental crimes against humanity committed by all Americans against the Vietnamese people.
Insanity in individuals is something rare—but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.Friederich Nietzsche

The country went mad a long time ago. It is strangling to death on its madness. It murders its children in its madness, and calls that “freedom”.

Americans know it—they can feel the rot in their souls.

Mostly, they try to look away, in the various branded forms in which people in the USA are provided with distractions. They watch things like football, where the biggest, baddest, athletes in history try to crush each others' bones and knock each other senseless—sometimes permanently. That is supposed to be a game which teaches kids about sportsmanship—which in the American style is about the virtues of barbaric behavior, and destroying your enemies.

Now, having once again witnessed the madness do its work, Americans are trying to blame something other than themselves. Pols are trying to blame violent movies and video games, because somewhere a crazy person could be seeing a movie or playing a video game and getting crazy, violent ideas. Just for the record, for the meatheads who think it's time to ban free speech, a crazy person can get crazy, violent ideas watching Bambi.

Meanwhile, the crazy, violent idea of invading Iraq, to rescue the world from a threat that did not exist, was a far worse act of mass murder and destruction on the part of the USA than what happened at Newtown (or in all of the other mass murder towns combined). But, Iraq and Afghanistan (and the other hidden wars where nameless human beings are slaughtered by Americans) are counted as foreign policy, and if you think it’s madness, it’s because of your politics.

If somebody took a loaded gun into an insane asylum, and that’s what the USA is, and laid it on a table for the patients to work into their busy day, you’d say that was nuts, wouldn’t you?

But what if instead we took cratefuls of guns, enough for every patient to have at least one, and we made sure they were military style, and had large magazines to hold as many bullets as possible. We would enable the patients to gear up for military combat. What would you call that? In the USA they call it "freedom".

Now of course a lot of people, the moderate, centrist, can’t-we-all-just-get-along?, compromise addicts, want to let “hunters” off the hook. Or they want people who just want a gun for “self-defense”—you know, like from all the other gun nuts—not be forced to sit at the blame table with the rest of the armed and ready to kill krazy motherfuckers. They want “hunting” to be OK.

Well, hunting would be OK, if you were a wolf or a bear. 

And self-defending so often turns into self-defeating, like the nations idiotic wars, and like what happened to Nancy Lanza, when she was shot multiple times in the head by her son, Adam, who then took Nancy's guns that she had around for her "hobby" and went off to Sandy Hook Elementary School to teach the USA its latest lesson in Hell-Bound-Train.

Humans are supposed to be a different breed of animal. Smarter. Wiser. More civilized.

It seems however American humans have used whatever intellectual advantages they posses over the dumber creatures to just more efficiently perpetrate bestial behaviors. And we inflict the horribly destructive power of our weapons and our will to use them on every living creature we can get our hands on—or get our drones on.

That is a not a sign of mental health. The guns are not a sign of mental health.

Repeal the Second Amendment. Ban the guns.


  1. Interesting piece. I don't agree with all of it, e.g. the line that says "hunting would be OK, if you were a wolf or a bear". I think responsible gun use is OK, period. The problem is, we're being told we have to be wide open to guns, in order to allow responsible uses, which is ridiculous. (Also, news flash, gun nuts, owning a gun "for defense" is ALMOST NEVER a "responsible use".)

    One thing I have come to agree with - at the end of the article, you call for repealing the 2nd Amendment. I think we should do this. The 2nd Amendment is an anachronism. It is not necessary to legitimate gun use (we don't need a special clause in the Constitution that guarantees us the right to play basketball or own baseball bats). If gun advocates are going to insist on forcing their own bizarre and extreme interpretation on this language, let's start a campaign to get rid of it.

  2. I agree completely with Mr Wright. We define our manhood by the type of weapons we own. I was in the military and do not now nor have ever owned or kept a weapon. I think that only cowards need weapons. The NRA is the bastion of cowardice.

  3. Repealing the Second Amendment is an idea that should be moved into the forefront of our politics NOW! I constantly hear about the originalists on the SC trying to determine (through some sort of magic that allows them to read the thoughts of dead people) the "intent" of the founders. First, the "founders" rarely agreed on much and fought like cats & dogs most of the time. Second, does anyone really believe that Madison, Hamilton, Washington, etc. envisioned weapons with immense capacity and the ability to fire more than a shot per second?

  4. Carl Jung, said this from across the divide we call death:

    A society is built upon many stories. The less they contradict each other, the more harmonious the society (though that does not guarantee that the story is true, just that it is more consistent). A society that tries to live by self-contradictory story wracks itself to pieces, as you see around you.

    DeMarco, Frank (2012-04-10). The Cosmic Internet (Kindle Locations 508-510). . Kindle Edition.

    What we see in the American obsession with guns is a society fractured. It can't survive with a love of guns. Guns may have built America, but it's time to move on. Else the society will destroy itself, just like the Romans. Of course guns are not the only issue. American society needs to reinvent itself, or it will self destruct. That's actually evolution in action. I am not opposed intellectually to the notion of the stupidest nation on earth removing itself from the global breeding pool.

    Geoff Cutler
    Sydney, Australia


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