Gunners, Guns, And The Gashleycrumbs

"Freedom isn't free!"—so say the gun addicts as the Gashleycrumbs add up every year. And those addicts are right, if you're talking about their freedom to remain heavily armed in the USA costing the nation the outrageous yearly toll of thousands of dead American children.
"The most recent analysis of data from 23 industrialized nations shows that 87 percent of the
children under age 15 killed by guns in these nations lived in the United States. The gun
homicide rate in the United States for teens and young adults ages 15 to 24 was 42.7 times
higher than the combined rate for the other nations."—Children's Defense Fund

Yet again, we have Americans mourning another one of its schools shot up by yet another home-brewed maniac, whose access to hi-powered weapons was made so much easier by the increasingly militarized "freedom" of bloodthirsty yahoos.

While it is understandable people would be upset about Newtown, it is more than a little outrageous that they haven't been upset before Newtown.

Every year, several thousand American kids, some really young kids, get killed by guns in the USA. As the Washington Post points out, at least another twenty American children under the age of 10 were gunned down since September 1 of this year, but because they died one or two at a time, Americans just ignore the piles of dead children. You should read the link describing these murders. They're a real-life Gashleycrumb Tinies account of the violent reality of thousands of American kids:
  • A third of the kids were killed by random violence, mostly gunshots (from unknown shooters) coming through their house or car and killing them. You just never know when a random bullet will come flying for you. That's because there are so many fucking idiots, with guns in their hands, in America
  • Unlike what the NRA wants you to think, which is that most American gunshot victims are unarmed targets of home invasions, lots of American kids are shot by their parents, by their mothers in fact, because the parents are fucking nuts, and the (federal and state) governments of the USA are fucking nuttier than that, letting them have custody of little children. Result: stories like: "Faith and her sister, ages 10 and 11, were killed with a shotgun by their mother...[who] then killed herself," "Anthony [19 months old] was shot in his crib by his mother", who told police she was unloading a .38 right by the crib when the pistol, not Anthony's mom, "went off"; "Kendall was shot and killed with a semi-automatic gun and his 4-year-old sister was drowned after the gun failed to fire again"—by their bipolar, schizophrenic mom, who is too fucking nuts to stand trial."
  • The "found-a-guns". So many kids find loaded guns, left by moms and dads who obviously want to shed the burden of parenthood the old-fashioned way: by letting their kids blow their brains out. Here's one you'll like: "Linkin [two years old], shot himself with a gun owned by his father, a police officer." If trained police officers are acting like idiots, why should we trust you to have a gun around your kids? 
Simple answer to that question: it's your Constitutional right to keep and bear loaded guns—around America's little kids.

And that's why we need to get rid of the Second Amendment, because so long as being gun-crazy-dangerous is a cherished right in the USA, instead of an insane disease, the Supreme Court will affirm that right and condemn America's children.

Now, I just want you to stop—just stop and try to think. 

You say you need your gun to fend off all the violent evil things out there that might want to come and hurt you and your kids.

Look in the fucking mirror, asshole! Because that nut is the one most likely to be the problem, especially if you have a gun in the house.

But getting the threat assessments and the moral equations answered dead wrong, just seems to be a special talent of Americans.