GOP Went Over Decency Cliff Long Ago

Mitch McConnell, creepy US Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky, laughs it up on a recent fact-finding visit to history, where McConnell learned a lot about how forced labor/liquidation camps can help enormously to eliminate the nation's debt, reform welfare, and make a lot more money for rich people.
You might wonder, if you’re new to the Fiscal Cliff melodrama, how it could have come to this, where the GOP could even feel comfortable fighting to defend the obscene profits of rich people, and against the pathetically small and ineffective safety net that provides meagre protections to all the Americans Mitt Romney hates.

The trade the Republicans will eventually demand, and this is outlined in detail in a New York Times article on the fallout of Republicans perhaps having to give in temporarily to the President on tax rate increases on the rich, will be big spending cuts to programs that assist the most vulnerable Americans:
"Given the difficulty of compromise, a fallback may emerge as a top option. Republican leaders could take up legislation already passed by the Senate to extend tax cuts on income under $250,000, attach a deferral or cancellation of the automatic spending cuts, and give Mr. Obama nothing else, denying requests for increased infrastructure spending, help for homeowners to refinance their mortgages, and extensions of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance. Then Republicans would demand deep concessions on spending and changes to Medicare and Social Security as a price to raise the debt ceiling a few weeks later."
Republicans of course have never cared anything for the working class and poor majority, since those Americans are the very opposite of the GOP base of Koch brothers and Trumps and Adelsons. The concerns of real American families, Republicans have alleged, always get met if the rich are doing well. That has never been true of course, and in the 2012 election, finally, the demographics overcame the GOP demagoguery in the most stark manner ever, demonstrating to Republicans that they will have to make severe changes, including even shedding the Tea Party altogether, to remain a viable party.

But the for the moment, we not dealing with the future (if any) of the GOP, which may of necessity become the conservative wing of the Democratic Party. We are dealing with the embers of the GOP past and present, which cares nothing for the American people and their interests. They are out for vengeance, and the blood of the poor and the working class is nothing these Republican thugs and animals mind shedding to achieve that treasonous end.