Boehner Lamer As B-Plan Can't Satisfy Bloodthirsty Tea Party

The main word that comes to mind with this guy is LOSER! Unable to control his own members, unable to meaningfully negotiate, unable to do much of anything really except smack his gavel and cry.
Speaker John Boehner tried to compromise yesterday—with his own crazy Tea Party wing. He tossed them the tasty bone of increasing spending for war, and paying for it by starving more American children. That heinous and disgusting act of a pack of wild dogs passed the Republican House. Basically, hurting American poor people—not exactly a Republican constituency—by enabling the US military to continue to blow up foreign poor people, seems doubleplusgood to the GOP.

But, when it came time for Boehner to put forward his "Plan B" debt reduction proposal, designed to allow the House to claim it did try to compromise with President Obama and the Democrats in the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, by raising taxes a teeny-weeny bit on the top teeny-weeny .01% of Americans, the Tea Party did what they always do: they said Hell No! to any compromise with Democrats.

Boehner, realizing House Republicans were not going to approve his little "Plan B", canceled the vote.

As Americans are waking up to realize that they are right back in the Summer of 2011, and on this day the Mayans (never actually) said would be the end of the world, in many respects, for the crazy House Republicans, the end of the world is not a day, but a process, that has been happening to them, since November 6th.

That was the day the USA shocked the white male, heavily-armed, cross-wearing, racist, woman-hating, poor-people-despising, immigrant-trashing, uneducated dullards who form the Republican base, and reelected Barack Obama as president of the United States.

That was the day the world began to end for Republicans. And the idea that the Tea Party stormtroopers, and the other nitwits in the GOP who signed Grover Norquist's pledge to treat government like it is a welfare recipient in a Red State, would raise taxes on the richest people in the USA, was too much for the beaten-down old Republican bigots to swallow.

GOP Gobble Up Boehner's "Tasty Bone"

The details of HR6684, passed by the Republican House, and including increases in war funding paid for by decreases in food for poor American babies, are the most disturbing aspect. For example, part of what passes for a good idea in the Republican House is to cut funding in SNAP that encourages states to eliminate fraud, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and help poor people get jobs.
As they have shown repeatedly, if the welfare of the American people is on the line—the GOP will ALWAYS vote to throw the American people under the bus. To demonstrate the compassion in their brand of conservatism, they'll kindly allow all the black people to go sit—and fucking stay put there this time—in the back of the bus. After all, these neo-Confederates know the value of a well-regulated servant class.

John Boehner released a statement last night saying "Now it is up to the President to work with Senator Reid on legislation to avert the fiscal cliff."

But, as one Republican pointed out, Obama and the Democrats actually have no incentive to prevent the falling over from happening.


Because if Republicans refuse to compromise, even in the slightest way, on raising taxes, then after the Fiscal Cliff happens, and everybody's taxes are automatically raised!, the next vote, that will happen in Congress in January, will be something Republicans, including the Tea Party, will have no choice but to support—lowering taxes.

In that event, the Democrats can likely push for a much smaller set of program cuts (especially ones negatively impacting the unemployed and poorer Americans), and will also be able to push Republicans into supporting tax decreases on most, but not the richest, Americans. Few Republicans will be so steadfast in their principles, that when it comes time to lower taxes on most Americans, they refuse to compromise to enable that to happen.

At this point, therefore, if you buy into that scenario, the Democrats can reasonably say the current House is obviously incapable of compromise, rejecting even its own leadership's bills reflecting meager attempts to do so, and Obama can wait until the new Congress convenes (the new Congress with even more Democrats) and begin to craft the tax cut package that will likely be a much better deal for most Americans.