Why Last Week's Obsession Is Barely Memorable

Yep, there's probably some really important news buried in there someplace, if you just poke around, maybe you can find it. But how can you tolerate the smell, day after day? Fortunately, you have a memory like a sieve.
What was it we were talking about last week?

David Petraeus, John Allen, and their bimbos?

Now, there's another episode of Israel going out back to the refugee dump to explode a terrorist or two (you can watch it on YouTube) and slaughter nameless collaterals.

While Petraeus has almost vanished from the front page of the New York Times this morning, there is the remarkable article, by Lucian K. Truscott IV, direct descendent of a man he describes as part of a band, not of brothers, but "near psychotics", the blood-thirsty generals of WWII. Truscott compares those lunatics, who he says knew how to win a war (kill all he enemy, destroy every bit of their country), with the prissy figure of David Petraeus, whose only wound under fire came when one of his own men shot him (by accident—uh huh).

He also injured himself when he fell out of an airplane—allegedly the parachute "malfunctioned".

Truscott dismisses Petraeus as "a self-constructed hologram, emitting an aura of preening heroism for the ever eager cameras." It is the sort of story that might have done some good, if it had been written back in 2007, instead of five years later. Now it is a little convenient to be publicly tossing mud on general self-destructive.

Anyway, somebody asked me, why are we paying so much attention to a sex scandal, when really important shit is happening, like the Israelis going on another vengeance spasm.

But, the great thing, the necessary thing, is that isn't just a one-story proposition. There are always plenty of stories that demand our complete and undivided attention these days—and will never get it. The Fiscal Cliff, or crisis, or whatever it is—which some people want to avoid and some people want to go over in a barrel. Then there's that little chaos going on over in the Middle East, as one country after another joins into the Apocalyptic reindeer games. And then of course there is the revelation that our nincompoop generals are spending a lot more time socializing and literally fucking around than doing their jobs. 

You need to be a multitasking consumer of all this garbage. Is is the patriotic thing to be doing. Otherwise, you might notice what is really going on and start rocking the boat.

And by the way, did you know they had a "presidential election" earlier this month? 

Just a blip right?

And there are lots of extremely important, momentary, blips flying by every moment now. Don't let it ruffle your feathers. Thankfully, eventually, the Sun will expand and swallow the Earth and your problems will all be over—actually long before that happens.