Walmart Employees Kill Alleged Shoplifter In Georgia

Most DVDs at Walmart are very inexpensive. It is quite possible to steal two of them, get killed for it by Walmart's stop-loss goons, and end up having died for less than $40 worth of cheap crap.
Taking holiday loss prevention to the next level of brutal idiocy, Walmart employees (one a security contractor) in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb reportedly grappled with and choked an alleged shoplifter to death on Sunday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the dead man had taken "two DVD players from the Walmart at 5401 Fairington Road around 1:30 a.m."

DVD players typically retail at Walmart from $20 to $40.

At the point the man entered the parking lot of the store, he was chased down and subdued by three Walmart personnel. Police have said the security guard contractor placed the man in a choke hold. However, no indication has yet been made on the exact cause of death.

When police arrived at the story, they found the three Walmart workers sitting on the dead man.

Walmart took quick action to distance itself from the matter, firing the contractor, and suspending the two employees, and making the following statement:

"No amount of merchandise is worth someone’s life."

Why that policy was not made evident to the Dirty-Harry-style Walmart stop-loss team that apparently committed murder to keep Walmart's owners rich as fuck, has not yet been clarified.

Naturally, the usual goons, whose sense of justice is to "hang 'em all" are praising Walmart for its zero-tolerance 'tude.

Back in civilization, Walmart continues to cement an image of itself as a capitalist thug paragon.