Unless You’re OK With A Filthy Rich, Dishonest, Nut In Charge: Vote Obama

Is Mitt Romney heading to Washington, D.C.? Or back to Boston for a likely retirement? Tomorrow we finally find out, and while it is still possible Romney could be elected, the probability of it seems to be shrinking by the day or hour. Even Romney seems to know it.
Now, yeah, I’m being mean to Mitt Romney.

Not inaccurate, but mean, in the sense of beating him up over things that, compared to the attributes of most of the rabid animals that make up his political party, don’t really seem so bad.

In fact, as many people have now pointed out, Romney’s big push in the first debate, that moment when he turned his Lying Bastard knob up to “11”, was when he turned his back on what he’d been saying—what he had been forced to say to win the rabid animal Republican primary—and started telling middle America that he was really a moderate (again).

Barack Obama was so taken aback by this tactic, that Romney ended up looking and sounding both more confident than the President, but also less insane than most of the idiots running for office in the GOP. The shock of hearing Romney pretend he wasn’t that crazy, convinced a lot of Americans, for a little while anyway, that maybe Mitt was OK to try on for size as a possible replacement for Obama.

Well, they tried him. And then of course we had three more debates after the Denver debacle, and in each one the Republican sounded and looked less informed and more bilious. Of course the President also bothered to show up for his next two presidential debates, so that didn’t do Romney much good at all.

After trying on the Republican candidate for a couple of weeks in October, gradually the electorate pulled away from him and went back to the President. They realized they had been taken in by a Romney flim-flam, a pretense of competence and sanity on Romney’s part that actually didn’t measure up to the attributes that they knew were possessed by Barack Obama—a man who will in fact kill you, without a trial even, if you fuck with the USA.

The thing is—you can say Romney isn’t as crazy as the other Republicans—but here’s the thing. Why, if he’s saner than the GOP standard-issue candidate, does Romney feel comfortable staying in their nuthouse? And more, why does he want to be the standard-bearer of this nuthouse in the first place? And there’s only one reason that makes much sense. The Republican Party is still the party most favored and supported by rich people. And being rich is Mitt Romney’s chief claim to notoreity.

Also, and most definitely unlike Mitt Romney, Barack Obama does seem to have the capacity to learn. He certainly learned he’d fucked up royally in the first debate, and he came back to win the next two. 

Despite how Republican pundits paint him, President Obama is open to the idea he doesn’t know it all, and rightly points out he’s gotten better at the job in his four years of doing it. Most presidents do get better at the job. It is one reason Americans have such a hard time firing a president mid-8. After all, he’s trained and everything finally. So, you know, you want to see if he can do a better job in the next four years.

Will Obama do that? 


He will still have to deal with a GOP that is frothing-at-the-mouth nuts, and likely will stay in control of the House. And if the nation is paralyzed by that fact, some unfortunate things may have to be done to get us past this giant GOP bump in the road. I don’t think one of those things will be Obama humiliating himself (again) to compromise with the right-wing nuts. 

That’s a good thing. So is the political war that is coming. There is a terrible, debilitating poison of deep division in the system right now, and it needs to be bled out—one way or the other.

Now, of course, you could say—but isn’t that reason enough to vote for Mitt Romney? He’ll get along with the nuts better and we’ll have peace in our time. Yeah, you could say that. But first off, the Senate is probably going to stay in Democratic control, and Romney should expect to be treated AT LEAST as badly by Harry Reid as Barack Obama has been treated by the Republican House.

So, peace is not coming no matter who wins.

However, it is always better to have somebody in charge you can trust—even if it’s just more than the other guy. And Barack Obama is that person to trust more than the other guy.