The Thinning Of Sea-Snail-Shells And The Waning Of Humanity

The great thing about being a dumb human animal in the year 2012 is that you don't have to give a snail's anus if all the sea snails die. After all, if you really want to look at a stupid sea snail, you can just buy one of these plastic replicas, which only cost $2. The cost to your life by ignoring what happens to the real sea snails? Priceless.
There are hopeless idiots (you see them all over places like Facebook, but also unbelievably in Congress), who are convinced that the Bible is a book of alternative (superior) science, and that God is the real authority in any scientific debate.

These are the same people who will tell you that a theory postulating, for example, the number of angels which can dance on the head of a pin, is as valid as any theory of Darwin or Einstein concerning the nature of the physical world and its beings.

When the subject of climate change came up, for many years, a faith-based response was always posed contra science: the climate-liar scientists were twisting the facts, inventing data, and using scare tactics to push the idea of human-caused climate change. Why were the climate scientists doing this? Because, according to the Godders, these communists were allied with the capitalist-hating eco-terrorist liberal conspiracy (typified by Al Gore)—who were by definition opposed to the teachings of the one true Christian God, as interpreted by the vast hillbilly majority in America’s redder wastelands.

Of late, as the trajectory of climate-change catastrophe seems pretty much as predicted by the climate scientists, or maybe even ahead of the consensus schedule, and as the Northeast of the USA, among other places, is waking up to find itself looking at the certain doom of its coastlines, the climate deniers have gotten quiet.

That happens when the plenitude of the hard, death-dealing, evidence stream just keeps saying to the climate deniers: shut the fuck up, morons, you’re dead wrong.

While this article, on a related topic of the ecological devastation humans have perpetrated on the oceans—nothing all that big, just something “threatening the food chain”—whatever—should scare the shit out of people, of course nobody is going to read it.

And anyway, who cares if “some marine snails” have thin shells? And who cares if “[o]cean acidification [which is debilitating the snails' shells] is one of the effects of climate change and threatens coral reefs, marine ecosystems and wildlife”?

There are frack wells to be drilled, coastal gulfs and seas to be exploited, and more carbon burning to be done all over the globe, as if the health of the planet and its wildlife was constant and copacetic, instead of cascading into a fucking death spiral.

This is what you get when a species mistakes arrogance and shortsightedness for deep intelligence and a divine mission to steward the planet (into the abyss).

If you really need a faith-based processing of the data, then consider it Gaia’s little Get Out Of Humanity Free card.

Pointless at this point to even bother calling humans dumber than stones. In a few years all humanity will be stones and dust, with not even a tale to be told by some future hopeless idiot to anybody—for none shall be left with ears to hear.

Then Gaia will chant: free at last, free at last—free of the stinking narcissistic ape—at last!