The Republican Push To Impeach President Obama

Cooking the mindset of the Republican base by asking a dumb and impertinent question, this ad ran on Red State this week, encouraging people to think the impeachment of Barack Obama over the Benghazi incident is a reasonable question to debate.
What do you do when your most hated and feared and totally demonized (by years of hate-speech posing as political rhetoric) ENEMY #1, defies all your bullshit intended to scam Americans once again—and instead is reelected?

Well, you could actually follow through on Speaker Boehner's call for House Republicans to follow their true leader now—President Barack Obama.

But, if that was a serious call, there wouldn't be any Republican Party left, in the eyes of the GOP base anyway, if its elected members started acting in a sane manner.

So, instead, the GOP will go to that old standby, the plan B that has always worked for Republicans when Americans tell them to shut up and sit down and cooperate with a reelected Democratic chief executive. Republicans will try to:


Yep, and I'm not talking about one of those loon-powered impeachment drives, where the usual cast of thousands of Republican morons say impeach Obama because he was really born in Kenya and is a highly trained Qaeda mole.

I'm talking about a United States Senator, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who is usually thought of as at least a somewhat rational GOP leader, going on Face the Nation yesterday and saying the following:
But at the end of the day, the one thing that has to happen in my view is we got to get to the bottom of Benghazi...I would suggest that we have a joint select committee of House and Senate members and we do this together, not have three different committees going off in three different directions, so we can get to the bottom of it like we did in Watergate and Iran-Contra.
Now, without any factual basis whatsoever to make this comparison, Graham is claiming that the "bottom of Benghazi" will likely be found residing in the same place as the two most infamous, criminal, abuses of executive authority in the last half century, both perpetrated of course by corrupt Republican regimes.

The first one resulted in the impeachment of President Richard Nixon, and his resignation. The second resulted in the near impeachment of Ronald Reagan, whose only (quite believable) excuse was that he was too senile to know what was really going on, and so "the neat idea" of breaking numerous laws got blamed almost entirely on an expendable Reagan operative, Colonel Oliver North (an aspiring General James Mattoon Scott).

There isn't one shred of evidence to support a comparison of the Benghazi incident, in which the US Ambassador to Libya, died in the confusion resulting from a terrorist attack, to these past Republican criminal conspiracies.

But, Republicans have run out of gas on their most recent snipe hunt for an impeachable offense against the President, in their pointless and fruitless investigation into Fast and Furious.

And, in addition to the fact so much of the CEC (conservative entertainment complex) has attempted to raise Benghazi to the level of a great presidential scandal, you have the fact that it ended up playing a big part in the obliteration of Mitt Romney in the second debate. On top of everything, Obama had been aided in that now infamous smackdown by a mere woman, Candy Crowley, who (behaving like she was a journalist or something) crawled out of her binder to explode a fact-check IED right in Romney's face, affirming that yes indeed President Obama had talked about Benghazi being an act of terror the day after the attack.

That moment, when Romney's ignorant reliance on Republican talking points instead of facts, proved fatal in the debate, infuriated the GOP, who viewed the whole matter as yet another mini-conspiracy, whipped up by Obama to obstruct the American people from finding out the truth about Benghazi. The fact the CNN gun-moll Crowley had helped Obama do this terrible thing to poor, stupid, Mitt, proved Obama was hiding something. Or so the conservative entertainment complex blathered to everybody.

Now, bereft of any hope of avoiding having to deal with Barack Obama as president for another four years, Republicans are searching for something, anything, to impeach him over.

Many Republicans are no doubt deeply regretful that, while they did manage to get a sex scandal to play indirectly into the upcoming Congressional hearings over the Administration's handling of Benghazi, unfortunately the jerk caught cheating on his wife turned out to be the Republican-created war hero, David Petraeus, and not the President of the United States.

Nevertheless, fully possessed of the most overweening and thoroughly ridiculous sense of self-righteousness since—oh, the dumb birther movement kind of petered out once again—Republicans are pushing ahead with the hearings to find out just when it was Barack Obama ordered the terrorist cell in Benghazi, the terrorists after all being Africans, just like people related to the President, to attack and murder the US ambassador.

What? You say that's stupid and absurd?

Well, yeah, but when have you seen those bad aspects ever stop a Republican from making an enormous ass out of himself?

Now, if you are a young person, like younger than 30, you might want to go review the story of how this isn't in any way a new idea for the crazy Republicans. Nope. See—it's what they always do when they can't win an election.

The Republican Party is supposed to be paying attention to its real role, as managers of the House of Representatives, in dealing with the people's business. Instead, here they go again, practicing their open hatred of the American People, and their electoral will.