Romney Told Most Americans “I Don’t Need Your Vote”

Reportedly, these two creatures were part of Mitt Romney's clearly exhausted, somewhat shocked, old white base, on election night. Meanwhile in Chicago, there was a much more diverse, and jubilant crowd to greet the victorious President Obama.
First, Mitt Romney alienated 23% of the ALL the people who voted, by saying to blacks and hispanics that he had nothing but contempt for them. Romney lectured black people about the superiority of “our founding [white] values”, which he thought so many of them just didn’t get. Jeez, maybe that’s because slavery and racism are two of those founding values. And when Romney said just try self-deportation, hispanics knew he meant anybody with a name or skin that looked illegal to white people.

Then, of course, Romney alienated 47% of ALL the people (including a lot of white people) in the USA by calling them deadbeats, and making it quite clear he was trying to protect the good (rich) Americans from these parasites.

AND, Romney tolerated the rabidly misogynistic tenor of most white male Republicans—the moldy Wonderbread of the Republican base—and thus he pissed off that predominant demographic, WOMEN!

Additionally, young people—told by Romney to just go borrow money from their parents to go to college—overwhelmingly concluded the GOP candidate was a total clueless clod.

So, let’s see.

Mitt had the grumpy old white rich guy vote—the majority of white people (so some grumpy old rich white women voted for him to)—and that was it. 

Mitt didn’t have the votes of:
  • Poor people
  • Working-class people
  • Young people
  • Women
  • Blacks
  • Hispanics
  • Asians
  • Poorly-educated people
  • Highly-educated people
Mitt Romney’s electorate was so blazingly white—91% of all the people who voted for Mitt Romney were white—that when they discovered their votes had been overwhelmed by everybody else—many of these white supremacists proclaimed the death of “their” America. And a long overdue death it is.

Because their America is stupid, greedy, and deeply racist and hateful all around. Good riddance. Now, given these facts, what can we conclude about Mitt Romney, and about why he lost the election?

Here, let me spell this out for those of you who were born sluggish of wits:


Is that pretty clear then?

Additionally, Romney is dishonest, ruthlessly so, and a thoroughly disgusting little maggot that should never have been allowed, much less intentionally nominated by a major political party, to run for president.

While it is true you could say the same thing about Todd Akin, or Richard Mourdock, or for that matter Paul Ryan, the fact the GOP is OK fielding so many little maggots does not excuse Mitt Romney for being right at home, or anyway wanting so badly to be, in the maggoty Republican Party.

On the other hand, and as I have said in the past, respecting the Romney nomination, what choice did the GOP actually have?

Herman “There were too many bitches I cheated with for me to recall them all” Cain?

Rick “I’m too hungover with all this thinking stuff to recall much about nothing—but I’m pretty sure I’d like Texas to secede from the USA” Perry?


Rick “contraception is one of those ideas thought up by Satan down in the pit of Hell, alongside evolution, climate change, and algebra” Santorum?


Newt “pay for my moonbase by making all the lazy black schoolchildren clean toilets” Gingrich?

You may recall that by comparison to these circus freak candidates, Mitt Romney seemed like a far safer, saner bet. This is a guy, however, who alleges to believe native Americans are some of the lost tribes of Israel that Jesus came to visit, right after making his pitch back in Jerusalem—but we’re not supposed to hold Romney’s religious freakery against him. In fairness, Harry Reid believes in the same thing supposedly and absolutely kicked Romney’s ass on the tax release issue.

Now, there are a lot of other interesting, specific, issues contained in the exit (or autopsy) reports on Romney’s campaign, but chiefly it is the dead-obvious idea that if you tell one large group of voters after another “I don’t need your vote”, they aren’t likely to turn out in large numbers to vote for you.

Rocket science, huh Karl?