Petraeus’ Latest “All In” Surge Costs Him His CIA Job

Adding a new inflection to the now four-letter word, "biographer", alleged David Petraeus mistress, Paula Broadwell, named her biographical account of her lover's martial prowess—All In. Was she girlishly giggling when she came up with that?
All anyone is ever going to recall David Petraeus for is the word “surge”.

Petraeus’ surge in Iraq, involving bribing the Sunni insurgency into PLEZ stop killing Americans and start killing Qaeda guys, gave the USA time to escape outta Baghdad, with only several thousand cases of egg on its face—and no WMD found of course.

Petraeus’ surge in Afghanistan, admittedly talked down by Old Surgy as a likely solution to the Taliban problem, petered out this year after having killed a lot of people, while having NOT defeated or even quelled the enemy.

Petraeus’ latest surge was allegedly into his own biographer, a woman aptly named Paula Broadwell, who apparently was really taken by her subject—as in to bed or other surge stations. Broadwell’s book about Petraeus is called—wait for it—All In.

The Penguin Speaker’s Bureau describes Broadwell, who must be really fucking thrilled this evening, as having “a pasion for leadership.” Uh-huh. And then there’s this quotation from Tom Brokaw, who seems more insightful about this than we want to know:
“General Petraeus is one of the most important Americans of our time, in or out of uniform.”

All this sordidness came out as the FBI was involved in what Fox News called “an unrelated and much broader case”—no doubt shamelessly punning on Paula’s last name. The investigation involved a reported unauthorized access into Petraeus' email account, which led the FBI to Broadwell, and eventually to a discovery of the affair.

Petraeus, who not only admitted the allegation of an affair, but then decided it was time to immediately resign from his position as DCI at CIA, made the following sleazebag confession:
“After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as [the CI-FUCKING-A].”
No fucking shit, you hopeless moron.

President Obama, perhaps striking the appropriate sarcastic tone with this loser, said:
“By any measure, through his lifetime of service, David Petraeus has made our country safer and stronger.”
Exactly what Petraeus did to accomplish that, Obama did not specify. But the talking point on the General was that he was a “brilliant” tactician, who understood how his opponent ticked, and could use it against him. Unfortunately, it seems the real enemy Petraeus faced was arrogantly starring back at him in the mirror.

If this clown, Petraeus, is the cream of the military crop—as Obama (again, perhaps sarcastically) said, "one of the outstanding General officers of his generation"—the USA should just withdraw behind its little drone shield and hope no more bad guys with boxcutters manage to sneak in and wreak havoc, while the military stands around with its dick in its hand—again.

Extremely weak, General. Now slither off and shut up.