Peggy Noonan's Softly Catastrophic Idiocy

Simply speaking, Peggy Noonan is a hopeless dumbass, who communicates with extreme prejudice against the interests of most Americans.
Sifting through the offerings today of conservative nausea over the horrid notion of a second Obama term, the sheer hatred of the English language, and people too of course, is the most startlingly evident symptom of the conservative cheerlessness.

For example, Peggy Noonan, who as hacks go is like a hemorrhoid—she does in fact squeeze out prose with recognizeable, personal, locutions. But so constrained is she, seemingly in deep terror she will poop out something radical (i.e., too forthright), that she produces prose with the remarkable ability to deeply offend everyone, while she actually says nothing whatsoever.

Peggy Noonan describing "where we are", says:
"A softly catastrophic storm left us, in the Northeast, shocked at the depth and breadth of its power to destroy."
That sentence is ghastly in its sheer cluelessness, and, if I were not familiar with Noonan's affection for saying blatantly stupid things as if they were insightful, would shock me at the depth and breadth of Noonan's pride in confessing her own lack of intellectual resources to perform her job as a professional blatherer.

Respecting hurricanes especially, what the hell is a "softly catastrophic storm"? Are the people, who are actually experiencing the catastrophe, feeling the "soft" edge of what happened to them? Is that on account of their not having been torn limb from limb? Or having not been felled by a limb?

And how, unless you are a complete idiot, or had just not been tuned into the world in any observant way—oh ever—could you be shocked that one of the few perfect storms ever predicted, which storm included as one of its parts a hurricane that had already killed 60 people, would be "so destructive"?

Did Noonan just do as so many conservatives did in 2005—including the President of the United States and his nincompoop FEMA chief—and watch Katrina like it was happening far away to foreigners, which news Noonan switched off when it got to the "so destructive" parts (with all those black people looking for federal assistance—again)? 

Actually, when Noonan did offer her view about Katrina, she said the chief failure of President Bush was in hesitating to send in the 82nd Airborne into New Orleans to "protect [white] life and property". She also praised Haley Barbour for promising there were still a lot more undiscovered dead people to find in south Mississippi.

Noonan explained that Bush was not in a position to understand "the size, scope, variations and implications of [Katrina] because [he] was not receiving and responding to reliable reports from military staff on the ground."

Why didn't Obama require such "reliable reports" in the current crisis? Oh, I think we know why that is. Obama wasn't watching the storm, like a tourist—and George W. Bush—from a stupid airplane seat.

When Noonan proceeds in her current article to tell us that we should also be shocked at how Barack Obama has squandered the alleged advantage of occupying, upon his election, "the kind of position politicians can only dream of", she sounds like she's definitely been getting high on her own supply of GOP-talking-point crack.

Unlike what Noonan alleges, Barack Obama took over the worst situation a new president of the USA has faced since 1932. So dire were the circumstances of the US and world economies in January, 2009, Obama early on openly discussed how problematic it might be for him to earn a second term, especially if voters judged the success of his first four years only on his ability to quickly erase the GOP-gifted and very hard catastrophe. Maybe by "dream" Noonan meant nightmare. 

Furthermore, Obama became president in an environment where the GOP had taken a vow of jihad to lie, cheat, and obstruct their way back into power, and Republicans declared war on the new president and the American people on the night Barack Obama won election. 

Was this war worse than the political opposition any other president has faced? Yeah. It was.

In fact, in many ways, Barack Obama has been aware, right from the beginning, that only one president truly faced something like what he was facing, right out of the gate. And that president was Abraham Lincoln.

Of course Lincoln's task was harder than the one confronting Barack Obama. But, Lincoln was white, his opponents openly declared their secession from the USA (instead of merely working as saboteurs against the people's government), and nobody ever questioned that Lincoln was in fact an American.

Complaining that Barack Obama suffered from overconfidence, and lacked the "full capability" to do the job that was required, Noonan uses a basketball metaphor, because you know, Obama is black and all and does like to play basketball, and comparing him to a general or a scientist or a president (which Charles Krauthammer does do) would just be silly—huh?

Noonan writes:
"It is one thing to think you're Lebron. [sic., she doesn't get the big 'B'] Its another thing to keep missing the basket and losing games and still think you're Lebron."
I don't think Barack Obama has ever said he was LeBron James. And doesn't LeBron James miss baskets and lose games? Even Michael Jordan did that.

But to actually make such a statement about Obama, who by comparison to George W. Bush on the issue of competence matching confidence, and preparedness for the job, seems like he was born to be president, is again just amazingly daft on Noonan's part.

Noonan finally gets to the obligatory conservative othering of Barack Obama, when she accuses the President and his team of failing to get the USA "so well".

Of course, the USA of Ted Nugent and Richard Mourdock and Peggy Noonan, might be one that a lot of Americans fail to get "so well". That isn't necessarily a deficiency on the part of the people failing to get idiots.

And while idiocy, especially vain political idiocy, is a great American tradition, that affliction of some Americans is not actually equivalent to the entire USA, which is thankfully a much more inclusive entity than the charnel house of reason run by the Republican Party and its yahoos.

Peggy Noonan will still be squeezing out her crass little opinions, no matter who wins on Tuesday. Allegedly, that is supposed to be what makes the USA great, that any mediocre misanthrope can have his or her column at the Wall Street Journal, no matter who is president. 

Is that what makes us great? Or culturally constipated?