Obama Takes Lead In RCP National Average

Yes, the lead is slim, but it is the first one Obama has had in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Romney peaked weeks ago, and is continuing his fall in most polls, including in the key states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida.
Barack Obama has once again taken the lead over Mitt Romney in the RCP national poll average.

Scoring his highest poll average, 47.4%, since October 8th, the day before he lost his long-time lead in the poll average to Mitt Romney, Obama continues his trend recovering lost ground suffered after a dismal first debate performance by the President.

Romney's numbers, on the other hand, have to be concerning to Republicans.

Since taking the lead in the poll average on October 9, Romney has been unable to gain new ground, and even though Romney took the lead in a number of key states in which he had formerly trailed Obama, the GOP nominee has been unable to build upon those numbers either, and stands now to lose Ohio, and possibly Virginia and Florida as well.

Meanwhile, Romney plans to take his campaign into Pennsylvania on Sunday, a state where Romney has gained some ground on Obama, but not enough so far to give any indication Romney has much chance to turn the state red on Tuesday.

In fact, many pundits, and the President's spokespeople, view Romney's last-minute pitch in the perennially blue state ("Pennsylvania has voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in every election for the last 20 years"), as "flailing" in desperation:
"In an act of sheer desperation, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going all in in Pennsylvania, following the lead of every Republican presidential candidate since 1992 who have made last ditch investments in the Keystone State. Not one of them carried the state...In Pennsylvania, Romney and his special interest allies are throwing the kitchen sink trying to win over voters in five days who have soundly rejected his backward looking policies. While the Romney campaign is flailing, we’re executing the get out the vote program, just as we’ve planned for over a year.”