Mad Mitt’s Trade War With China May Sink Detroit And Apple

Will Mad Mitt Romney's anti-China trade policies, which many experts think could lead to a disastrous trade war, actually end up sinking successful American corporations?

Nutty Mitt Romney says if he is elected president, among the endless things he intends to make a priority—like shooting Big Bird in the head and ordering Planned Parenthood supporters to be locked up in Gitmo—will be his really great idea (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm) of starting a trade war with China.

Forbes says this dumbass notion of Romney’s, assuming he actually does it and isn’t just lying like a cheap rug once again to convince some yahoo to vote for him, will, among other things, “hurt Apple and General Motors very badly.”

One imagines that, given the chance, Mitt Romney would LOVE to hurt General Motors especially. 

After all, Romney infamously had said that all of Detroit should just go bankrupt back in November, 2008, and GM conspired, by surviving and then thriving to new success, to prove that Romney was an utter dolt about business (especially concerning that of keeping and making American jobs) and shouldn’t be allowed near any economic policy-making authority.

As for Apple, whether Romney has it in for the tech giant is not known, but Forbes says “a trade war [with China] would result in Apple stock falling under $400.” Apple stock today is trading at $586.75

Maybe Romney and his gang are shorting Apple stock.

One of the great jokes of the 2012 campaign is the idea that a Romney presidency would be pro-business, which is generally understood to be pro-American business.

Nothing in Romney’s career suggests this is the case, except insofar as Bain Capital developed world-class vampirical investment methods to suck the life and profits out of one vulnerable enterprise after another.

Now, if Romney becomes president, among the other wreckage to the the USA that may occur as the result, is the destruction of American mega-corporations (and the loss of many American jobs), just because Mitt Romney may actually do one of his laundry-list of bad ideas on Day Number One.

No doubt many workers will be voting to protect themselves and their jobs from Mad Mitt today.