David Frum Says GOP True Believers "Fleeced By Conservative Entertainment Complex"

Saying that Mitt Romney could have been a "really good president" but that his message had to be distorted into extremism to appeal to the Apocalyptic beliefs of the GOP base, David Frum explained that GOP followers have been victimized by professional conservative media types on Fox News and elsewhere.
Explaining in plain and convincing terms why he thinks Mitt Romney really lost the 2012 election, David Frum, who just wrote an ebook entitled Why Romney Lostsaid on Morning Joe on Friday that:

"Republicans have been fleeced and exploited and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex [CEC, i.e. Fox News, etc.]"

And the reason that's a problem, beyond the obvious, according to Frum, is that Republicans have been convinced by the CEC that "the Apocalypse has arrived."

In other words, instead of being well informed about the real problems the nation faces, the CEC followers or worshippers, convinced the CEC is the only place they can hear the truth, believe in Fox News and Limbaugh incitements, which ideas are peddled to them as a means to make the media outlets lots of money, not to better inform their listeners.

Frum explained he tested Tea Party followers to see if they knew the answers to basic questions, such as whether the USA spends a trillion dollars on welfare each year. Frum said this widely believed notion amongst conservatives was false, but that because of the stubbornness of the belief, it trapped conservative candidates into affirming these wildly inaccurate pictures of the world.

And that pushed GOP candidates so far off the right edge of extremism in the view of most Americans, that Republicans can no longer get elected to national office. This was the case with Barack Obama beating Mitt Romney, and it was the case as the Democratic Party actually picked up seats, instead of losing them, in the United States Senate.

Frum's analysis of the situation, and particularly his comment about how Republicans had been lied to for profit by conservative media, was so startling and clearly put, MJ host Joe Scarborough had Frum repeat it for emphasis.

Here is more of what Frum had to say:
Actually, I believe the Republican Party has a party of followership. The problem with the Republican leaders is they’re cowards....The real locus of the problem is the Republican activist base, and the Republican donor base. They went Apocalyptic over the past four years. And that was exploited by a lot of people in the conservative world...Republicans have been fleeced and exploited and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex…because the followers, the donors, the activists, are so mistaken about the nature of the problems the country faces...Do we spend a trillion dollars on welfare? Is that true or false? It is false, but it is almost universally believed. That means that the leaders have almost no space to operate. And what happened to Mitt Romney—Mitt Romney could have been a really good president, really good. But what happened to Mitt Romney was he was twisted into preztles. And the people who put the cement shoes on his feet, are now blaming him for sinking."


  1. Please David, don't wake them up. I will like to see them sleep in their hate for the next 40 years. So they will not win another election again.


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