When Obama Put Romney Into The Benghazi Binder

Eyeing his prey, President Obama had just said what may become the iconic phrase of the 2012 campaign: "Please proceed governor." Obama knew he had his opponent in his trap, and further he knew Romney was too dumb and arrogant to realize going ahead with the talking-point attack on Libya was not a good idea.
If it had been a business deal Mitt Romney was trying to close—as his Republican advisors told him was the case with the debates—this should have been the moment when Romney realized he'd blown it.

In Tuesday night's second presidential debate, President Obama was looking at Romney, who had foolishly fallen into a nasty fact-trap over the Benghazi attack, as a cat looks at a prey animal stupidly coming closer to its fate as lunch.

And then Obama spoke these words with an icy faux-courtesy one offers to the condemned as he confronts the thirteen steps:

"Please proceed governor."

The very LAST fucking thing Mitt Romney should have done at that point was to proceed. But it was too late. It was going to look way worse, or so Mitt apparently thought, if Romney did that Emilie Litella thing Obama had accused him of in the first debate—saying "never mind".

The next thing out of Romney's mouth told the tale:



Romney knew he had no choice but to go forward. Maybe he had faith in the Spirit that it would all work out for the best (well, yeah, for the American people anyway):

"I…uh…I…uh…want to make sure we get that for the record, because it took the President 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror."

That was the Republican talking point—it took the President two weeks!—that had been floated by Lindsey Graham and John McCain back in September, and had become an accepted right-wing factoid. Paul Ryan had repeated it only five days earlier at the Vice-Presidential debate, and Joe Biden hadn't contradicted him, except to call everything Ryan said "malarkey".

The look of an arrogant fool—Romney shooting the "Is that your lie you'll never substantiate?" glare of a prosecutor at law professor Obama, after Romney stupidly asked the President: "You said in the Rose Garden, the day after the attack, it was an act of terror?" Never ask a question you don't know the answer to, dumbass.
But, for some reason Romney noted, Obama was contradicting the talking point, and being really specific about it too, claiming that he had acknowledged the Benghazi attack on the embassy compound on September 11th was an act of terror the very next day in a statement in the White House Rose Garden. What was up?

And then the President batted Romney with another cruel taunt:

"Get the transcript", ordered Obama, as if he were President of the United States or something—oh wait! And compliantly, almost as if she were in on the trap scheme, moderator Candy Crowley confirmed that the President was speaking the truth:

"He did in fact, sir", she said to Romney.

Obama wanted the volume on that cranked up to "11": "Can you say that a little louder, Candy?"

Kindly Candy Crowley, moderator at the second presidential debate, hands Mitt Romney his ass, as she assists President Obama in stuffing Romney permanently into a Benghazi Binder on the Libya question and foreign policy in general.
People started applauding at this point, but it wasn't the audience members, at least not the ones you could see on the video. Some participant audience members looked behind and to their left, where the President's wife was sitting. Was it Michelle leading Obama's team in frosting the coup de grace to Romney with a celebration? That seems to be the case.

As Greta Van Susteren has pointed out, if all the right-wing bluster-boyz have is to whine about Michelle not being a robot then "we have now gone off the deep end." Note to Greta: the right went off that end a long time ago.

Crowley again confirmed the awful truth (for Romney): "[The President] did call it an act of terror." The rest of what she said, about how somehow Romney was also correct about two weeks, something—whatever—nobody listened to.

The point was that Romney's attempt to nail Obama on Libya had just blown up in his face, and there was no getting back from it.

Most pundits, especially Republicans, view this as the moment when Mitt Romney lost the second presidential debate—and maybe the election.

As Obama savored his victim gasping his last Libya-question breaths, the President said something that confirmed what everybody intuitively grasped at the end of this Romney debacle:

"I'm happy to have a longer conversation about foreign policy."

No doubt.

And guess what? The third presidential debate is all about foreign policy, and Mitt Romney is all about being completely unprepared for it—as he so devastatingly demonstrated on Tuesday night.