The Republican God Likes His Women Raped And In A Binder Of Inescapable Pregnancy

"Who knew people would give a rat's ass that I'm an insane motherfucker?", Richard Mourdock (R-IN) is probably asking himself at this point. But in bold, soul-shattering, truth, LOTS of dumbass rubes in Indiana and elsewhere in the USA are letting Mourdock know just how much they love the fact he spoke their truth for them. Because, yes, millions of Americans are absolutely convinced God is pushing the buttons on the "rape the bitches" plan for making more women pregnant. And yes, these idiots, that just love Mourdock's ghastly "truth", get to vote.
The Republican God, which seems just another name for Satan, was there throughout history when men justified raping women, and this demon laughed joyously, as the most horrible consequence for the countless violated victims was that they were forced to bear the children of their rapists.

It was called nation-building.

And it was frosting on the cake for the men who raped, and for their God of Rape, who knew that ancient societies, and a lot of modern ones too, function like this:

Men tell their women what to do—and the bitches do it or they get stoned (and not in a good way).

Let us say it is a bit of an ancient proprietary attitude, this idea Republican men have that they have been given "dominion" over the wombs of women, AKA Eden. But no humiliation of women is too much for these defenders of the rights of homeless sperm.

Just to make sure women can't effectively complain "it's unfair!", Republicans have a simple, powerful, rejoinder:
And so the great crusade to dominate women and their wombs is sanctified, and the social justice that is crushed by this holy mission of Peepeeism, is brushed aside in orgasms of pious blather about the stupid, fucking will of God, a will, which if it existed, these Republican mites of intellect wouldn't know, even if it hit them in the face in a deus-vult-cream-pie.

This week's Republican hero in the crusade is Richard Mourdock, who delighted the woman-haters (who include a lot of Stockholm-syndrome women too), by saying the following in a US Senate debate in Indiana on Tuesday:
"I believe that life begins at conception. The only exception that I have—to have an abortion, is in that case of the life of the mother. I just—I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is a gift from God. And I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen."
So, let us understand the full meaning of this. It isn't enough that Richard Mourdock likes binders full of women raped and pregnant. He demands that his affinity for crimes against humanity should also be the will of God. A lot of that going around (al-Qaeda) of course. And further, just as an added little detail, Mourdock can claim the political endorsement and support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan—and no doubt Todd Akin.

If this doesn't creep you out, you are beyond being creeped. In addition to the revolting notion of Mitt Romney becoming president of the United States—remember that IF THAT HAPPENS, the creep on the FAR right in this pic becomes Vice-President, and the disgusting little troll on the (purely figurative) left might just become a United States Senator.
Mourdock has of course been harshly criticized in some (godless atheist socialist pro-evolution-teaching feminazi) circles. Mourdock says his feelings have been very hurt that his words have been so taken out of context and he has been so badly misunderstood. In fact, Mourdock has cried in public over the harsh words he has received. Mourdock has not, however, apologized for saying what he said. He believes now as he did on Tuesday evening that what he said was true.

And more than that, LOTS of Americans, and certainly a majority of the primates inhabiting the Republican (very) base, agree with Mourdock 100%. And they are thanking him for his courage and his "sacrifice", in standing up to the all those jerks defending the rights of raped women to get rid of their rapists' sperm-sludge. Yep, sperm-sludge—because the DNA of rapists has no right to be replicated. Nor does any DNA have such a right, but you know, least of all that of a thug who impregnates his assault victim. Of course, the idiots who agree with Mourdock that the assault was just God's inscrutable means to gift us with yet another human to add to the pile, think DNA means "Do No Atheism".

It is said some American women are still trying to decide about how to vote in this election. Look at the words of Richard Mourdock. If you would give up your womb to be the property of Republican madmen—vote for Romney and his crew of maniacs. Otherwise, you know what to do.