September Unemployment 7.8%—Lowest Since Jan. 2009

Just in time to smack Mitt Romney with, President Obama and the USA get encouraging news on employment, with the unemployment rate dropping to the lowest point since the last month George W. Bush was president. Bush is still widely blamed more than Barack Obama for the terrible economic mess Bush and the Republicans led the nation and the world into in 2008.
The US government reported modest employment growth in September, with 114,000 jobs added, but the unemployment rate fell to its lowest point in almost four years, at 7.8%. That is the same unemployment rate that was reported the first month Barack Obama became president.

One reason for the movement downward in unemployment is that the numbers for July and August were revised upwards, showing an additional 86,000 jobs added in the summer than was originally reported.

While Republicans have criticized Obama for making no economic progress on jobs, the fact is that unemployment exploded in the first six months of his presidency, topping out at 10% nationally, three years ago in October, 2009. This was of course a consequence of the disastrous global economic crisis of 2008, an event whose consequences are still mainly blamed on George W. Bush and the Republicans, not Barack Obama and Democrats.

The economy has steadily, but slowly, improved since that 10% reporting figure, with millions of jobs being added. Still, just over 12 million Americans are still being reported as unemployed, with many facing long-term unemployment. Also, many Americans have dropped out of the reporting figures, as they have given up looking for employment, because they basically view the employment landscape right now as hopeless.

This opens a door for the President to ask Mitt Romney and the Republicans a simple question: where would the nation be right now if Republicans had not blocked Obama's jobs bill?

Probably a lot better off in terms of unemployment than it currently is. But at least Obama can point to real progress on the employment front. In fact, President Obama has overseen a steeper decline in unemployment than was seen in the first four years of the George W. Bush presidency.