Romney: I'll Be Delighted To Ban All Abortions In the USA

A real question all voters, particularly women, have to ask themselves: why would you trust this guy—when the best thing you can hope for is Romney was lying again when he said the worst thing?
Yep, he really did say it. Nope, it's not some Democratic Party plot. Although, maybe the Dems were just saving it for now. Anyway, it wouldn't be news except it involves yet another one of Mitt's flips or Etch-a-Sketch shakes.

Here's Mitt Romney saying in plain terms back in 2007, that he's anxious and ready and willing to ban all legal abortion in the USA:

Let's just look at Romney's words for context:
"I would welcome a circumstance where there was such a consensus in this country, that we said we don't wanna have abortion in this country at all—period. That'd be wonderful. I'd be delighted—let me say it—I'd be delighted to sign that bill."
Now, yeah, it's true, Etch-A-Sketch Mitt is scrambling to backtrack at this point, claiming he's got "exceptions" he would include (he mentioned no exceptions in 2007), but here's the problem with that. Romney's talking about signing a bill sent to him by a Congress, no doubt one dominated with religious nuts that think women can just shuffle off a rape-induced fetus when they want to (without any abortions required). Those nuts are not going to care whether Moderate Mitt wants to put the brakes on their woman-hating agenda.

Moderate Mitt might try to veto an outright ban—and guess what—his Republican crew will just override his veto, so Mitt can tell all three or four moderate voters left in the USA he didn't actually sign an abortion ban.

But the problem for American women is this. Even if you think what Romney says is unlikely, because after all—he's just lying again and doesn't mean it (oh good! you can vote for him because he's a pathological liar!)—why would you want to trust a guy who panders, and who needs to pander, to that deep-seated hatred of woman? It is a hatred harbored and increasing openly expressed and placed into legislation by a virulent base of Republican white men, in state legislatures and in Congress. And anybody, but particularly any woman, voting for an advocate of or even a flip-flopping ally of that gender-hating insanity, is enabling the war on women.

Yeah, maybe Moderate Mitt is just lying again, or was he lying before?

But why would women, or Americans in general, want to trust the health of all women to a guy whose best defense against the charge he's openly hostile to women's abortion rights is—he's a liar?