Reuters: Obama Likely To Defeat Romney By A Comfortable Margin Of Electoral Votes

Romney, giving the I'm a cool dude—un-fucking-fazed by being told I'm a goof by that black guy—debate smile. Nobody bought it, especially Mitt Romney, who asked Obama to please stop picking on him, IN A DEBATE! Maybe Mitt should consult his Arab scholars.
While polls show the presidential race has tightened, Reuters reported yesterday that President Obama has pulled slightly ahead in its latest poll, and holds a significant enough lead in key states that the news site is now predicting a "comfortable" electoral vote victory by Back Obama on November 6.

While Obama leads Romney by only one point, 47-46 percent, among all voters, among registered voters, Reuters reports that the President is leading Romney 46-42 percent.

Saying the President should win by well over 100 electoral votes, Reuters pointed to Obama's continued "edge" in Florida, Virginia and Ohio—at least in its polling—to predict the President will defeat Mitt Romney by 332 to 206 electoral votes.

Even losing Ohio, which polls continue to show Mitt Romney is likely to do, would make the GOP candidate's road much tougher to win an electoral college majority. But losing Florida, Virginia and Ohio eliminates any reasonable possibility for a Romney win on election day.

While Obama did poorly in the first presidential debate, and polling showed the impact of that as Romney's numbers greatly improved after October 3rd, most pundits and polls have indicated Obama came back to win the second and third debates.